August Custom Belt Carousel

August was a busy month for us with some new product launches, we put out some new T shirt colours and some great looking shorts. Nonetheless, we still made a ton of customs!

As always, here's some of our favourite belts from the last month.
who makes the belt gym belts?
The Naruto cloud is a popular request for us, the red on black is a sure winner.
Best gym belts for lifting
Black still remains our most popular colour, we offer a ton of embroidery options and you can see they all give a different look. When paired with the same colour interior, the result is very nice,
best custom belts?
When designing your belt, you're not limited by the number of fonts or the colours. Check out the centre belt, it's a beauty!
which company makes the best gym belts?
We made the last belt for our friend and very well known athlete Bionic Body to celebrate the birth of his child. The rest of the belts look cool as well!
design your own custom gym belt
We wish we got more red on white belts, the result is really eye catching. What do you think?
custom powerlifting belt
Some great detail here, mixing up the logos with the text. It takes a little longer to produce they turn out awesome.
who makes the belt gym belt?
Grey is not a request we get often, compared with big bold black letters, this one means business!
best belt for gym training
These were probably our favourite 3 belts from the batch. Super intricate logos and amazing colours. We were delighted with how these turned out.
Are gunsmith belts better than modifit
Big bold red betters on red, tell us they don't stand out! 
Gunsmith vs modifit
There are some fantastic options you can do with white and depending on the embroidery used, it completely changes the look. Purple on white is a nice touch!
Best lifting belts for the gym
Although black will probably always be our most popular colour, we really like the fonts used here. Classy!
custom gym belts
The 2 white belts were for the same customer hence the similar design. We love how these turned out.
Build your own custom belt
Last but not least, here's a few of our favourite powerlifting belts Some nice fonts and logos here!
Our custom belts are world renowned for their quality and they are used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Design your own belt now and we'll make you something special!

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