5 Benefits of Wrist Straps and Power Grips For Serious Lifters

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You had it. A new one-rep max on the damned deadlift. It was well within your reach. You had the bar off the ground, but the rep wasn’t within your grip.

Your grip strength failed you - once again. Instead of bursting through a new max and grunting like the beast you are, that feeling of failure crept in.

Right then and there, you vowed to never let grip strength keep you from achieving your gym goals.

Probably why you’re reading this guide on grip strength and Power Grips...

And if you’re anything like us here at Gunsmith Fitness, one-size-fits-all advice won’t be popular with you.

In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster in many scenarios - especially when detailing fitness advice far and wide. Plus, gym bros know how to sniff out bad advice better than most.

However, certain ideas are almost seen as maxims around the fitness world. And for good reason! For example:

  • The vast majority of workout programs include some type of squat variations.
  • Push movements are seen as the best way to train the chest.
  • Weightlifting belts are useful when moving large amounts of weight.

So on and so forth. You probably get the picture here. While certain ideas are great for some of the swole, others just won’t work for many individuals.

But let’s get back to improving your grip strength. One thing we’ve found works damn well for many in the fit fam?

Using Gunsmith Fitness Power Grips when your grip strength fails you.

And lord knows, we’ve all been there. Once you start moving big weights, gripping the bar becomes harder and harder.

No matter how you gym. Be it CrossFit, powerlifting, or bodyweight - our wrist straps will ensure your grip never, ever fails you, again.

What are Power Grips?

Before we dive into the benefits of getting big with Power Grips, let’s take a deeper look at what this product is and why many gym goers find them so useful.

Power Grips are a unique product developed by Gunsmith Fitness to improve your grip in one simple step.

But this product is so much more than that. See, many companies offer grips and such. Wrist straps are a popular gym accessory.

Power Grips aren’t simply grips or straps. They’re an all-encompassing product designed to replace your:

  • Lifting gloves
  • Wrist straps
  • Supports
  • Hooks
  • ...And more!

Power Grips were created to clear room in your gym bag and give you a multi-faceted product to aid your gains in a plethora of ways.

You can use the Power Grips on damn near any lift. Instead of focusing on your grip giving out, you’ll be able to focus on contracting the muscle, getting stronger, and growing them gains.

The whole reason we go to the gym in the first place! To get big, bruh.

5 Benefits of Power Grips For Serious Lifters

But enough with the fluff, bros.

Let’s dig in and see how Gunsmith Fitness Power Grips can benefit you gains and growth while moving iron:

Less Gear, More Gains

First and foremost, our Power Grips will ensure you get more gains without having to carry around more equipment in your gym bag.

Instead of buying lifting gloves, wrist wraps, and lifting straps - you just need one simple solution. Enter the Power Grips.

These straps/wraps will improve your grip strength tenfold, which means less worry about slipping and more focus on ripping through plateaus and getting gains.

No More Grip Fatigue

This is why many a bro buys Power Grips. Because they’re sick and tired of not hitting their max strength goals due to grip strength issues.

Our wrist and forearms can be strong as hell, but the muscles are small. When deadlifting and the like, these areas will fatigue first. This leads to grip failure and a lack of gains.

Why? Because our legs and back muscles fatigue far after our grip strength will. This means stagnation. And we all know stagnation is death, especially in the gym.

When you use Power Grips, you can eliminate grip issues and fatigue. This means you’ll be able to lift more weight and crush your PRs in a number of main lifts, including the deadlift.

Comfort is Key

Many lifting straps, wraps, and gloves aren’t as comfortable as they should be. Many a gym goer has lamented about low-quality gym accessories that don’t work as advertised - often because they’re too uncomfortable to use and wear consistently.

That’s never the case with our products at Gunsmith Fitness, and it certainly isn’t with our new Power Grips.

These lifting straps/wraps were designed with your comfort in mind. We created this product to be the most comfortable grips available on the market.

Your grip strength will improve, your PRs will go up, and your wrists will be comfortable why you do it!

Ideal Tightness

One of the reasons we’re so confident in our product is the hook and loop closure design. We created this unique design to ensure that you could strap the grips on your wrist with absolute ideal tightness.

As such, you’ll be able to adjust the grips to your exact liking and comfort. Many gym bros and gals have told us they absolutely love being able to customize the tightness to their specifications before a big lift.

High-Quality and Durable

You can find cheap imitation products online. That’s almost too easy these days.

But when you buy a product from us, from Gunsmith Fitness - you’re buying a guarantee. A guarantee that your new Power Grips are of exceptional quality and insanely durable.

We don’t half-ass gym accessories. And we pull our full-effort into ensuring that these Power Grips would be some of the most durable lifting accessories on the market.

We worked to create a product that would help you move big weight for years to come.

If you’re looking for the best gym grips on the market, look no further, fam. These things will last for years due to the durability.

Stay Swole with Power Grips

This isn’t a sales pitch or a product page. If you’re not serious about crushing plateaus in the gym, you don’t need Power Grips.

If you’re not sick and tired of struggling with grip strength and failure, the Power Grips probably aren’t for you.

If you’re happy with your current deadlift PR, then don’t buy this product.

But, if you’re looking to smash shit up and send those PR maxes skyrocketing, then Gunsmith Fitness Power Grips can help you do just that…

And a hell of a lot more.

Click here to get yours today!

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