Biceps Curl, Preacher Curl, And Other Curls For Building Biceps Part 1

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Biceps are always one of the first things people look at to see how fit a person is – and by fit, I mean the kind of fit that clearly shows. They’re easy to build, and super easy to show off. Flexing and kissing your biceps is a thing, right? Right next to showing off rock solid abs, but that’s for another day ladies and gentlemen.

For now, we’ll be talking about the kinds of exercises that help you make gains on those guns. There’s your standard bicep curl, preacher curl, hammer curl – curls are always a good idea, and they’re very easy to do.

So what are curls?

Curls are exercises that primarily work your biceps and surrounding muscles – some curls focus on the upper front arms, some on the back, some on the muscles on the lower arms, etc. Not to worry, there are many types of curls to choose from, and in this blog entry we’ll be talking about some of the best ones you can do.

bfr training for biceps

Dumbbell Biceps Curls

This exercise is also known as arm curls or dumbbell curls. Variations of this exercise also include using kettlebells, barbells, and a cable machine. It works the biceps muscles at the front of the upper arms, and to a lesser extent, the muscles on the lower arms.


  1. Grab a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing in to your thighs, arms fully straight down.
  2. Keep your back straight, shoulders peeled back. Position feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Brace core muscles, and lift dumbbells toward your shoulders.
  4. Rotate your arm as it moves up so that your palms are facing up at the end of each move.
  5. The full range of motion of your arm should bring the dumbbells just right below shoulder-height. Any higher than that you’ll be bringing more of your shoulders into it and taking away focus from the biceps muscles.
  6. Squeeze biceps at the top, and slowly lower arms until they’re fully extended, palms back to facing your thighs


Inhale when lowering the weight. You can do these moves for both arms at the same time, or alternate between arms. When alternating between arms, lower one arm as you bring your other arm up. Go slow and easy, and feel your muscles burn.

We recommend doing 10 curls for three sets, or adjust it to the same reps and sets as your other exercises. Feeling your muscles burn means you’re working them out, but if it gets too much and you’re not able to execute them in the proper form, take a rest between sets.

Lastly, don’t rush in using too heavy weights for your fitness level – it may be tempting, but we strongly suggest slowly building up to heavier weights. Doing too much too early may mean injuring your elbows or wrists. For crazy pumps check out our BFR Bands, they add a new dimension to your workout!

Like we mentioned earlier, variations of this exercise include using kettlebells, barbells, and a cable machine – and we’ll get to those and other curl exercises in the next few blog entries in our Curls Series.

For now, practice the moves detailed above and get those muscles working!

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