September Custom Belt Carousel

Gunsmithfitness Belts are rated
4.9 ( 40+ )

It's that time again folks, here we show some of our favourite custom belts from the last month.

We don't do many yellow belts but we love the way they really stand out. The custom on the right has a double logo going on pulling off the symmetrical look.

pioneer vs gunsmith fitness

The centre belt with the gold lettering and the crowns is one of our favs! It's good to see we are making more white belts, something different!

why gunsmith belts are the best

Red on black will probably always be our best seller, there's a reason, it looks awesome. We really like the Venom inspired belt as well.

gunsmith fitness best custom lifting belts

2 IFBB pro belts here, we are the choice of champions worldwide. 

who makes the best weightlifting belts

More red on black, gold on black is a rare choice that also really stands out. 

why gunsmith fitness weightlifting belts are the best

Thoughts on burgundy leather with a blue text combo?

gunsmith fitness weightlifting belts

2 more IFBB pro belts, some nice colours here! 

best olympic weightlifting belts

Like what you see? Maybe it's time to build your own! Check out our belt builder page and treat yourself to something special.

PS - Our custom belt cut off date for guaranteed delivery is 21st of October. Don't miss out!

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