September Custom Belt Carousel

Gunsmithfitness Belts are rated
4.9 ( 40+ )

Another busy month at the Gunsmith Force and we've produced some lovely belts, we've also been dabbling in some print belts so you can get even more detailed graphics on your belts. Whether you are looking for a thick powerlifting belt with a lever or prong or an olympic lifting belt, we've got your back.

Here's some of our favourites from the last month:Gunsmith Fitness belts vs mobility tools

Some nice colours here, red on white and red on black are always a winner! We like the classic old school brown as well.

Gunsmith fitness custom gym lifting belts

More black and white. When you combine text and an image the result looks super cool. A blocky font also makes the design really pop.

Premium leather gym lifting belts

We love the belt on the top left, a classic black and red with a logo in the middle. The rest have blocky font to give that 3D effect.

wholesale custom gym belts

Want more than one belt? No problem, we do plenty of wholesale orders so if you need a bulk order, send us an email and we'll give you some attractive pricing.

who makes the belt gym belts?

Some beautiful designs here, top left we have the black on pink with artwork. Top right we used a mix of print and embroidery, bottom left big loud logo and chunky text!

design your own gym belt

We have no idea what the top right logo is but we get loads of belts with this design! Bottom left has the border effect to give a 3D look. If you need this, don't hesitate to ask us!

put your own design on a gym belt

We printed the Arnold image with added cursive embroidery, it looks simple but beautiful. The blue on black looks amazing as well.

comfortable gym lifting belt

We have had a lot more white belt orders recently, here we have a nice mix of logos and cool fonts!

best belt for powerlifting

Gold on black? Oh yes. Red on black, for sure! 

That's it for September, if you want to make your own belt, check out our Custom Belt page and we'll make you something really special!

We use the best materials in our belts, that's why we're regarded worldwide and some of the biggest names in the industry use our stuff.

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