What Makes Gunsmith Fitness Bespoke Custom Lifting Belts The Best In The Market

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Lifting belts are essential for weightlifters to minimize injury when lifting heavier weights. Our torso or cores are soft and flexible. This characteristic allows us humans to bend side to side or forward and backward. However, when we are lifting weights, we do not want our torso to be soft and flexible; we want it to be firm and tight. Otherwise, our core would just collapse.

Naturally, we can harden and strengthen our core by applying internal pressure to the middle of your body. With the pressure applied to our core, we are able to lift or push heavier weights without breaking our spine or pushing our cores to collapse.

The magic of lifting belts is that it serves as an exterior that supports your core and back. It squeezes and tightens your core and makes it as rigid as possible. However, almost all weight lifting belts provide this characteristic already.

So, what makes Gunsmith Fitness Bespoke Custom Lifting Belts the best in the market?


Gunsmith Fitness Bespoke Lifting Belts can be customized so it will fit your personality. Why would you settle for a plain black belt when you can have the color that fits your individual tastes? From text, to logos, to an inspirational quote or names of the person that inspired you to start weightlifting in the first place.

With countless configuration options, we can cater for your every need.

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When you buy Gunsmith Fitness Bespoke Custom Lifting Belts, it’s time to say goodbye to poorly fitting, low-quality, and cheap belts. You're buying the Saville Row of lifting gear. The majority of suppliers use artificial leathers and cheap fills, not us. Our belts are made of the finest leathers and metal hardware to ensure that they are durable, strong, and will last for a lifetime. The stitching will hold, the leather wont rip or crack and the belt will become even more comfortable as it moulds to your body.

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Customer Service

What’s better than that is you are supported by an amazing team from the moment that you inquire about the product. All of our products have been vetted with numerous industry professionals prior to release so rest assured, you'll be getting the best. We will make sure that you get the style that you really want and that you are taken care of from start to finish.

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Final Thoughts

Weightlifting is not an easy sport, but fortunately, our belts will support you and will make your weightlifting journey smoother. By having a customized style, you will have something unique and a design that will stand out.

Design your custom belt now!

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