5 Must-Have Workout Accessories For Guys Dedicated to the Gym

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When you’re 18-20 years old, you can just walk into the gym and start getting swole. A warm-up isn’t even necessary. You certainly don’t need any of the best workout accessories for guys to put on muscle mass.

Sure, warming up is a great idea and using accessories to avoid injuries down the road is proactive and intelligent - but it’s not needed. When you’re a young man, the testosterone is flowing on overdrive and the joints don’t have any wear and tear on them.

Not only do you have the hormonal profile to recover quickly and naturally, but your body hasn’t been beat up by gyms in the gym. It’s fun while it lasts, but young fellas - listen up! This will change down the road.

If there’s one thing I’d wish I’d done in the gym during my teenage and early twenties, it’d be proactively taking care of my body. Why? Because the late-twenties and early-thirties can be tough on guys who’ve been hitting the gym for a decade or more.

You’ve got the size on you, you’ve put in the work, and you probably look damn good. However, the body starts to ache. Joints don’t get lubed up like the did ten years back. The weight would damn near crumble you without a proper warm-up and some mobility work.

Luckily, it’s not all bad news. You learn to put things in cruise-control from time to time. You use the best workout accessories for guys to get loose and avoid injury. You focus on mobility and correct muscle imbalances throughout your body.

5 Must-Have Workout Accessories For Guys Dedicated to the Gym

But don’t wait to start once things begin hurting. Take a proactive approach and plan for your gym future. If you’re lifting weights for the long haul and plan to stay swole for life, check out some of the best workout accessories for guys dedicated to the gym

Here’s a few of our favorites at Gunsmith Fitness:

Weightlifting Belt

By far the most important weightlifting accessory we’ve found, a belt can help you lift heavy without torching your back down the road.

Weightlifting belts offer a plethora of benefits to the long-term lifter. Some of our favorites include:

  • Injury prevention, especially those of the orthopedic variety.
  • Less stress on the spine. Sure, working the kinetic chain is ideal when you’re a young buck, but eventually putting less pressure on the spine is important.
  • Improved biomechanics. By using a weightlifting belt, you force your body to complete lifts like deadlifts and squats with the ideal form. This is huge for your biomechanics and injury prevention.

Gunsmith Fitness recommends any serious lifter who has been in the gym for at least 1-2 years start using a weightlifting belt. This is especially important when working in the 1-4 rep ranges.

Bench Blaster

As a man, you probably take pride in how much weight you can bench press. I know I do. When i couldn’t break through bench press plateaus, my excitement towards the gym dwindled. I wanted to hit three plates on each side, but it just wasn’t happening.

Then I found the Bench Blaster. By using the Bench Blaster, I was able to shatter all my personal records on the bench and add more weight in a few months than I thought humanly possible.

If you’ve been in the gym for a few years and your chest has stopped growing, I couldn’t recommend this workout accessory for men enough. Get your Bench Blaster and start getting them gains!

Grenadier Grips

Fat grip training has taken the weightlifting world a storm over the past couple years. If you want to build thicker arms and forearms, there’s absolutely no quicker way than incorporating thick bar training.

Most gyms don’t have many thick bars that allow for fat grip training. So, how do you turn any bar or dumbbells into a thick bar? You grab a pair of Grenadier Grips.

As the premier fat grips on the market, the Grenadier Grips allow you to put on slabs of muscle while taking pressure off your joints. Many athletes have noticed upper body muscle imbalances iron themselves out after a few months of Grenadier Grip training, too.

Once your newbie gains are done, add the Grenadier Grips into your routine to keep seeing rapid results.

Knee Sleeves

When talking wear and tear, the knees tend to take a beating. Heavy weight squats, deadlifts, and more can put a lot of pressure on the knees. Explosive athletics like basketball and football can, too.

As we age, this wear and tear can catch up. One simple way to combat it? Keep the knees as warm as possible when training. By keeping the knees heated up, you’ll ensure blood flows through the knees and important nutrients help them heal.

As a great workout accessory for guys, knee sleeves can keep the knees heated up throughout your whole workout and increase recovery time.

For many lifters over the age of 30, they won’t get under a loaded squat bar unless they have knee sleeves on to protect their cartilage. Gunsmith Fitness recommends knee sleeves for any athlete over the age of 25 looking to be a weightlifter for life.

Mobility Bands

If you’re anything like me, the idea of mobility work only creeped up when injuries started to plague my body. I wish I’d started working on mobility before the injuries piled up, but hindsight is 20/20/

Don’t make my mistake! Start mobility work while you’re young and injury-free. Focusing on biomechanics and mobility before you get hurt while drastically reduce the chance that you ever end up injured.

One easy way to begin? Grab a set of mobility bands and begin warming up with them before any and every leg day workout.

By slapping on a mobility band and enjoying a dynamic warm-up, you’ll activate all the small muscles in your lower body. By strengthening your abductors and rotators, you’ll stay safe later in the workout when moving big weight under a barbell.

Workout Accessories For Guys From Gunsmith Fitness

The best workout accessories for guys can help you move more weight while staying injury-free. If that’s something that interests you, Gunsmith Fitness can help. All our products are made with the highest quality materials and designed with serious athletes in mind.

If you’re looking for cheap trash designed for average gym goers, Gunsmith Fitness isn’t for you. For those looking to lift heavy weights for a lifetime, our products will keep you healthy while allowing you to get them gains!

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