Bespoke Custom Lifting Belt

Bespoke Custom Lifting Belt

Choose your belt style! We offer the contoured olympic belt style and the straight powerlifting style

Custom belts? Bespoke belts? However you want to call them, not only is Gunsmith Fitness is a world leader in accessories and clothing, but hand made belts are our forte.

We’ve searched far and wide for the finest leathers and metals that go into making an ultra premium belt. We wanted the best of the best. Many of our competitors use cheap leathers, poor metals and cheap pewter levers on their belts, not us.

When you buy one of our custom belts, it's the equivalent of walking into a tailor on Saville Row for a high-end suit. You're getting a luxury, high-end product specifically tailored to your exact wants and needs.

Why Gunsmith Fitness

✓ Trusted by champions – Olympia winners, IFBB Pros, WFBB Pros to UFC legends all use Gunsmith Fitness belts

✓ Any size is possible – From XS to 3XL and beyond, custom widths, a variety of thicknesses, no problem!

✓ Fully customizable – Whether you want an Olympic or Power belt, a single, double, quick release or lever, all these options are available.

✓ Countless colour options – From the leather to the stitching to the edge coating, there’s a myriad of options to choose from.

✓ The finest materials – Most companies are using low grade filler leather on the inner and artificial leathers on the outer, we use a only vegetable tanned leather on the inner and the best analine/suedes on the outer layers. Don’t settle for less.

✓ Made from scratch – Your text/logo will not be simply printed on a premade belt like some of our competitors. We make it from scratch, from cutting leather pieces, embroidering your design and attaching the metalware.

✓ Worldwide shipping – Although we strive for sooner, belts generally take 8 weeks and we ship worldwide with DHL express

Select your belt type and design your own bespoke belt now! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect on the designer. Once your order comes through we send over a mockup with all the detailed information that we discuss until you’re happy to proceed. If there’s an option not listed, perhaps a font or colour, just let us know if the Anything Else box!


It might be tempting to head to the local sporting goods store and pick up a cheap weight belt for your next workout, but don’t rush out just yet. First, they won't have much selection to choose from anyway. Plus, the quality will be awful. Just trust us.

Before you buy any belt, you need to understand the difference between custom and regular belts. Along with what types of things to look for in a weightlifting belt. No matter what type you buy.

When designing your own belt, you get control over things like material shape, size and fit - as well as the overall look of the product. Whether it’s the material type, colour, thickness or a very specific size range. We tailor all this based on your requirements. Not only that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our custom belts, any issues? Hit us up, we’ll sort it.

Something still not clear?

Send us a mail, reach out to us on facebook or Instagram, we’ll get back to you. Whether it’s a concern about a logo? A tricky spec? Pretty much anything, we’ll respond ASAP and advise what is possible?

Who’s using Gunsmith Fitness belts?

You only need to check out our Instagram to see some huge names in action, we regularly post examples of our work as well if you need inspiration.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! So no matter where you are, we can get your dream belt to you!

Want something unique to you then this is perfect. Same quality and and great looks from the other belts but with your name on the belt... what more can you want. I received mine a few weeks back and love it. Great material and with a solid steel lever its done me wonders on my workouts hitting new personal bests. Very easy to order on the website and the value of the belt is fantastic as it is a personal belt. Great customer service and a 10/10 for me.
- Jonathan Thompson

I recently brought a bespoke belt from Gunsmith and it is the best thing I have ever purchased in relation to gym equipment and apparel. From the moment I put the order in, the guys were straight in contact with me. They designed it for me to see, asked if I wanted any amends and got on it. I am thrilled with my belt. It is so comfortable, and has totally changed my attitude towards wearing a belt. I never used one before because of poorly fitting and cheap belts. Now I will not lift without it on. Thanks guys. Great service and awesome quality products.
- Claudia

So i wanted something a little different - a belt for Practical shotgun shooting! I am in the British team for IPSC shotgun and the belts we use are standard weight training belts covered in Velcro but they are a bit narrow. I asked Brian if he could make me a custom belt 6'' wide all the way around! He could and he did! Wow what a beast! Its an amazing piece of craftsmanship and will hopefully help me to win lots more competitions next season! Thanks Gunsmith Fitness
- Clive Gamlin

As always Gunsmith Fitness keeping to their amazing high standards. In my opinion belts these belts are literally one of a kind. Whether wearing the belt for a full session or only for your big lifts they are simply perfect. I am so happy with my bespoke belt! It’s lightweight and flexible but yet very strong and on top of everything looks awesome too! Thankyou to Gunsmith for producing another fantastic product.
- Elliot Robinson

Custom Belt FAQ's

Do you ship worldwide?

We sure do! We use DHL and UPS but if you’re in a more exotic country (we’ve had French Polynesia before) then we’ll find another option. All shipments are tracked so you can check the status once it leaves us.

Is the image on the belt designer the final version?

No, we try to capture as many requirements as possible before we handover to our inhouse designer. Once your order comes through, we’ll get to work on the design and send you a mockup for review afterwards. We don’t start anything until we get your final approval so don’t worry if you want to change your mind!

What kind of materials do you use?

We only use the finest analine leathers which are upholstery lever quality and the best suedes. For the inner part of the belt we use vegetable tanned leather. Other manufacturers use cheap split leather inside of their belts which affects the longevity. For the metals, we use stainless steel unless colour options are selected.

Do belts really take 8 weeks?

That’s a general timeframe although we aim for sooner. Other companies offering ‘Custom Belts’ simply print onto existing poor quality belts. Our custom belts are made from scratch.

What logo design options are possible?

Although we aim to do most designs, if your image is very complex in shades or detailing, we wont be able to reproduce it with embroidery. Think 2 shades per colour or checkout the many examples on our Instagram. For example we wouldn’t be able to replicate a pencil sketch of a lion but a lion emoji would be fine!

Do belts ever take longer?

On rare occasions yes. If we are not happy with the work or some tidying up is needed we’ll ensure this is resolved prior to sending. We would rather spend a little longer than send you a subpar belt.

Is it possible to expedite my order?

On rare occasions we can do this but we have a large backlog, expediting one order may delay another order so we try and be fair to our customers. Rest assured we’ll make it as soon as possible to the highest standards?

What is Edge Coating?

This option allows the painting of the edge of the belt, so without this you would see the natural leather. Some prefer to see the materials inside whilst others prefer to coordinate the colours.

How do I measure myself?

We recommend measuring around the navel and advise against going off your waist size. For custom orders we can also do custom sizing. Don’t worry if you’re in the middle of 2 sizes, simply mention it in the Anything Else box and we’ll ensure we make it to your spec.

What colour options are available?

Check out our belt designer, we have a ton of options in both leather and suede that we are constantly adding to. We also have some camo options that look very cool!

Why are the levers more expensive?

Most of our competition use pewter levers. These are cheaply made and have a tendency to crack. We use stainless steel, in the unlikely even you have an issue with it, we’ll replace it.

Why should I order from Gunsmith? What makes your belts different?

We can sing our own praises all day! Take a look at our Instagram, IFBB Pros, Strongmen, WFBB Pros, Olympia winners all use Gunsmith Fitess

Can I cancel my order?

If you cancel your order prior to getting our mockup, that’s not an issue. If you cancel your order after we sent the mockup, we’ll refund you minus £10 for our design efforts. However, once you give approval to go ahead, belts CANNOT be cancelled.

How can I reach you guys if I have questions?

Hit us up over email, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get back to you right away.