Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Gunsmith Fitness offers the best blood flow restriction bands for your high-intensity Blood flow restriction training. -We have used premium elastic to construct high-quality blood flow restriction training bands that are comfortable to wear and won't unravel like the traditional BFR training bands. At 2-inch width and 25-inch length, our BFR training bands are ideal for both your upper and lower body.

Why should you start wearing BFR bands? If you want to gain muscle strength and muscle growth but cannot lift heavy weights, this training method is for you. When you restrict blood flow from your upper arm or upper legs, this low-oxygen environment helps build muscle mass and strength without heavy weight lifting. This is perfect for people with certain medical conditions or those who want faster results.

These occlusion bands are commonly used for physical therapy. We have the best BFR bands; consult a physical therapist or fitness professional to know the correct amount to perform BFR correctly, especially if it's your first time. To avoid potential risks (like blood clots), having the proper equipment and control over how much pressure you use is important. Less oxygen makes the muscles work harder, which increases protein synthesis in the muscle cells helping with muscle repair and muscle pump.

Due to their clever construction using elastic and our custom-designed clasp, our blood flow restriction (BFR) cuffs are easy to put on and take off! Our BFR straps work perfectly both as arm bands and leg bands, thanks to their flexible material.