Lifting Straps & Grips

If you are not using Gunsmith Fitness weight lifting grips and straps during your workout, you're not lifting as much as you could be. We make the best figure 8 lifting straps, cotton straps, and leather lifting straps that are versatile, comfortable, and effective. Our high-quality straps for lifting are made using premium quality material and put on sale after rigorous testing by professionals and experts. That allows you to do more deadlifts, pull-ups, snatches, barbell rows, and high-intensity exercises without losing grip.
Why are we the best lifting straps provider? At Gunsmith Fitness, we design weightlifting grips that increase maximum output while supporting your wrists. Our products are guaranteed to last longer using the best quality material, such as genuine leather and neoprene for construction. If you are looking for wrist straps that allow you to have good wrist support, palm protection, and a more natural grip, check out our grip straps. Use lifting straps to ease different exercises, or if you do Olympic weightlifting. Deadlift straps allow you to lift more weight without worrying about the bar rolling and add extra comfort and a stronger grip to your workout routine. Start lifting, and enjoy the many benefits of using lifting straps to prevent injuries.