Premium Lifting Belts

Gunsmith Fitness has an awesome range of the best weightlifting belts for CrossFit athletes, Powerlifters, and Olympic Lifting. Our durable belt options are designed to provide the abdominal support you need when doing heavy sets. They range from lightweight neoprene velcro to 10mm lever belts. Use a weightlifting belt to work on your upper body, lower body, and core strength without injuring yourself and with extra comfort.

We use only the finest materials, and our quality is paramount. We stock our "Apex" and "Shibusa" range if you’re looking for something that’s extra special in quality and performance. There are different color options for you to choose your favorite one. Our nylon lifting belt option comes with a four-inches to six-inches wide velcro strap, an easy-to-lock feature. If you need a nylon belt that is easily adaptable for different positions, a lever lifting belt is the one for you. And we also offer buckle belt alternatives. Whichever option you prefer, you will have the intra-abdominal pressure you need for your heavy lifts.

We are Olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, and Powerlifters' favorites for maximum support during heavy lifting exercises.