Custom Belts

Do custom belts really take 8 weeks?

Yes they do, we make all belts from scratch. They are not pre made or personalised with printing, each belt is embroidered to your spec. Trust us, it's worth the wait!

Where should I measure myself to ensure I get the right size?

You'll be wearing the belt around your navel so please measure yourself there. If you need a custom size, we can take care of that.

I want to use a font that's not listed, is that possible?

Of course, just let us know the name, providing it's a free font we can do it.

What kind of images/logos can be used on a custom belt?

We kindly ask for a clear image or logo that is not too complex in terms of shading or lines. Otherwise it's not possible to produce via embroidery. So things like photographs, screenshots of an instagram posts can't be used i'm afraid. Limited graphic design is covered in the price, things like colour or background transparency.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges on custom belts?

Unfortunately not, as we cannot restock or resell them. We ask that you double check your measurements and choices to avoid this .However if there's an issue with the belt such as missed personalisation or the unlikely event of quality issues, we replace it.

What materials do you use for your custom belts?

We use vegetable tanned leather on the inner of the belt and the finest quality upholstery leather on the outer.

Do you offer vegan leather options?

Yes we do, although they are not listed on the site, get in touch and we'll let you know what is possible.

The colour I want is not listed, can you do it?

We are expanding our leathers all the time, whether it's a camo belt or something else fancy, we should be able to do it.

Do you offer print or only embroidery?

We think that print looks a bit cheap so we don't offer it

Can you emboss custom belts?

Although our regular belts are embossed. We do not offer embossing on custom belts because we would not be able to use the embossing hardware again

I can't get my belt perfect on the belt designer, can you help me?

Don't worry about the belt being perfect on the designer. Once we get your order our graphic designer builds the mockup based on your requirements and sends it over for your approval. We don't start anything until you're happy.


Who do you guys use for shipping?

For the UK we use Royal Mail and DPD, outside the UK is UPS and DHL

Do you ship to PO Boxes or Military Bases?

Yes we do, however this is with Royal Mail rather than DHL/UPS as they do not ship to these locations

Will I receive a tracking once my order is shipped?

Yes, for international orders the tracking is sent from the courier

My shipping is taking longer than expected, can you help?

If there's a shipping delay, get in touch and we'll investigate


Can I get features on your social media?

Sure! Please tag us on your pics or stories and we'll repost

How often do you run giveaways?

We try and do a competition once per month, some of these are unique belts whereas others are new release pieces

I love your oversized clothing, what size should I get?

The sizes are listed on the product pages but we recommend you size down

I've just got my order but it doesn't fit, can I exchange?

Of course, just drop us an email and we'll get that sorted for you