Bespoke Belt Showcase: What Do Custom Weight Lifting Belts Look Like?

As the premier source of custom weight lifting belts online, we wanted to do something a little differently today.

Why? Well, at Gunsmith Fitness, our Bespoke Belt collection is head and shoulders above the competition. We're not here to brag or boast. We're just confident about our products.

Which is why we want to show them off and showcase our unique offerings. Our custom belts are tailormade for gym goers and weekend warriors alike - and come fully customizable down to every last detail.

But instead of just talking about it today, we figured it's time to show and tell. Put up or shut up. Below, you'll find photos from our first round of Bespoke Belts customized for clients and influencers alike. Before buying a custom weight belt, take a look at what Gunsmith Fitness produces.

If there's such thing as the Savile Row of weight lifting belts, this is it.

What is a Bespoke Belt?

Now before we dive into the Bespoke Belt showcase below, let's talk a little about our custom weight lifting belts and why they're better than the rest. 

Bespoke Belts are the only fully customizable weight lifting belt available. Sure, others let you add a few letters or words. Some give you varying belt sizes and options.

Bespoke Belts are 100% customizable. Every single aspect of your weight lifting belt can be sorted to your exact specification, including:

  • Belt Style
  • Belt Size
  • Thickness
  • Buckle Type
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Logo Text / Graphics

...And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

At Gunsmith Fitness, we've created the Savile Row of getting swole. It's your weight lifting belt. Now, you can customize that bad boy exactly as you please. 

Introducing the Bespoke Belt Showcase

Enough with the fluff, mate! Let's dive in and show you some of our unique capabilities you won't find anywhere else online. 

Let's kick things off with one of the coolest belts we've ever created:

The Dragon Ball Belt


When we're talking Bespoke Belts that are fully customizable, we truly mean we can create anything here at Gunsmith Fitness.

Whether you want your name on the belt or some cartoon characters and more - we can do it. 

The Paratrooper Belt

We love this one, made with the Paratrooper regiment insignia on an all black background.

With an unforgettable look, this belt is sure to turn heads in the gym. Plus, all our Bespoke Belts are made with premium leather and built to last. 

 Always Push Harder

Our Bespoke Belts come in a variety of fonts, colorways, and configurations. One of our favorite belts was the APH belt, aka Always Push Harder. 

This customized weight lifting belt features a unique font and logo that offers a lot of meaning to our customer. 

 Taking Text Options to the Next Level

From cursive to block texts and so much more, our customization team is here to help you design the weight belt of your dreams.

No text or customization option is too much fro Gunsmith Fitness. Our Bespoke Belts our created with whatever design you have in mind.

Gunsmith Geared Up

We offer Gunsmith Signature weight belts, as well. Available in a plethora of colors and designs, many of our sponsored athletes love putting their name on Gunsmith gear. 

We also offer these unique products with your name or nickname to the public. 

Finding the Ideal Bespoke Belt For You!

As a truly unique offering around the web, you won't find Bespoke Belt level customization anywhere else online.

Just take a peek at our full customization offerings here to understand what we can do for you. 

When the premier customized weight lifting belt is right up your alley, Gunsmith Fitness is here to get those gains. Head over to our Bespoke Belt page and begin the customization process today.

Your personalized weight lifting belt will be on its way in no time!

Be sure to check us out on Instagram for more pics.

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