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Wrist Wraps

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Apex Wrist Wraps - Gunsmith FitnessApex Wrist Wraps - Gunsmith Fitness
Apex Wrist Wraps Sale priceFrom £14.99
Black/Grey Gunsmith Fitness Wrist Wrap - Gunsmith FitnessBlack/Grey Gunsmith Fitness Wrist Wrap - Gunsmith Fitness
Camo Gunsmith Fitness Wrist Wraps - Gunsmith FitnessCamo Gunsmith Fitness Wrist Wraps - Gunsmith Fitness
Camo Gunsmith Fitness Wrist Wraps Sale priceFrom £9.99

Gym Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

No doubt you've seen CrossFitters a number of people in the gym wearing wrist wraps, especially on exercises like the bench press and overhead press. They are great for providing support and ensuring you keep the right form when lifting. The last thing you want is to over extend your wrists and get injured. Our wraps distribute the load evenly so you can lift with confidence. If you're into bodybulding, CrossFit, powerlifting or gymnastics, they are an essential tool for your kit bag.

How to Choose the Right Wrist Wraps

Just because you saw some cheap ones on Amazon with a ton of reviews it doesn't mean they are good. Gunsmith Fitness wraps are used by professional athletes world wide. We use the best cotton and velcro that will last and last. You don't want to be ordering a new pair every few months.

Wrist Wrap Benefits

How to Wrap Your Wrists Properly

Thumb loop: Put your thumb in the loop then rotate the wrap around your wrist until it's the desired tightness. Secure on the velcro

Belt loop: Pull the tab through the belt loop on the other side of the wrap leaving a gap to put your hand in. Pull the tab back towards you until you're happy with the tightness, wrap around and secure.

Wrist Wrap FAQ's