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5 Benefits of Wrist Straps and Power Grips For Serious Lifters

You had it. A new one-rep max on the damned deadlift. It was well within your reach. You had the bar off the ground, but the rep wasn’t within your grip. Your grip strength failed...
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Why Weightlifting Belts Are Absolutely Necessary & When to Use Them

One of the great debates in the gym revolves around weightlifting belts. Some claim belts are absolutely essential for those heavy lifts. Other claim lifting belts simply mask your weaknesses. The reality of the situation...
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Jaco De Bruyn Teams with Gunsmith Fitness: Going for the Gold!

Fate. Happenstance. Whatever you want to call it. Here at Gunsmith Fitness, we were lucky enough to meet bodybuilding legend, Jaco De Bruyn, while at the Dubai Fitness Expo last November. A down to earth...
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