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Article: December Custom Belt Carousel

December Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

December Custom Belt Carousel

It's almost Xmas folks! We had a ton of orders in our Xmas batch this year and there's some incredible designs. As always, here's some of our favourites.

The centre belt is probably our favourite we've done in some time. Classic Jordan 1 Chicago's with a 3D text effect in the middle. We're really happy at how this one turned out!

gunsmith fitness custom weightlifting belts
All of these powerbelts look brilliant, we particularly love the 'Giga Chad' in the centre!
gunsmith fitness powerlifting belt
Flags can be tricky but the middle belt worked well. The combination of white and black on the red is a nice touch.
weightlifting belts
Another belt in the middle rocking the flags. The colours look fantastic on the grey leather.
gunsmith fitness olympic belts
Mexic*nt will sure turn some heads!
best belt for the gym


Some beautiful white belts here. Each with different text colours and fonts.

IFBB pro lifting belt
Thoughts on the Wonder Woman belt? We love it! The simple white on grey on the best on the right really pops as well!
gunsmith fitness lever belts
Pink anyone? 
pink lifting belts
Big loud fonts in white certainly make these belts stand out. The blue belt is awesome!
gunsmith bespoke custom belts
We did the belt on the right for Olympia legend Ryan Terry, it's the 3rd belt we've done for him now. The other 2 belts pop nicely as well.
ryan terry gunsmith fitness

Suede is a rarer choice for the outer belts but we do have a number of options. The gold embroidery on green suede stands out wonderfully.

gunsmith vs cardillo
2 more IFBB Pro belts, Gunsmith Fitness are the choice of champions! No one else outside of the US makes the number of belts for IFBB Pro's and Olympians that we do.
Gunsmith fitness for IFBB pros
The red and blue on white is a favourite as well. The cursive font makes it pop even more!
build your own gym belt

We may even do a Part 2 for December because we have made so many crazy looking belts this month. If you're interested in building your own, head over to our page!


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