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Article: Grow Those Glutes! The Best Exercises for Growing a Bigger Butt

Grow Those Glutes! The Best Exercises for Growing a Bigger Butt - Gunsmith Fitness

Grow Those Glutes! The Best Exercises for Growing a Bigger Butt

It was on a fateful spring day in May of 1992 when Sir Mix-a-Lot released what would be considered his Magnum Opus, the hit single Baby Got Back.

how to grow a bigger butt

Since then, the desire for a bigger backside has skyrocketed, with many women (and even some men) going to greater and greater lengths to grow their butts.  

Some stuck with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s proven method of ‘red beans and rice’, while a select few even went as far as getting a specialized surgery or injections to stretch their backside out (lookin at you, Kim K).

While surgery can obviously work, the results are debatable.  What’s isn’t debatable is that a slim waste and a larger, naturally-full booty is attractive to both sexes.

And the best way to get that larger booty?  Through physical exercise and diet.

So without further ado, let’s review some of the best exercises for growing a bigger butt.

Barbell Glute Bridge

This is arguably the single best exercise for growing the Gluteus Maximus, the largest muscle in the gluteus muscle group.

glute bridges for a big ass

Glute Bridges have exploded in popularity in the last few years, and for good reason: they work.

Many people will do glute bridges on the floor with only their body weight, but if you really want to grow your rear end, you’ll need to increase the volume.

The best way to do this is to add additional weight with a barbell, and to increase the challenge by putting your shoulders on a bench.

If your gym is equipped with fixed-weight barbells, these are often easier to use for glute bridges because they’re easier to get into place.  But the standard barbell has the advantage of being able to add weight throughout your set.

One of the biggest obstacles to incorporating the Barbell Glute Bridge into your workout is the pain of having the barbell grinding into your hips and pelvis.  For this reason, many lifters prefer to use a foam pad or wrap a towel around the bar during their workout.

Gunsmith Fitness has recognized this problem, and taken the solution a step further with out Next Gen Barbell Pad.  This Barbell Pad has a universal fit for any size barbell, and is made of super thick high-grade ergonomic foam rubber for extra comfort.

Wrap one of these around the barbell before your next round of Glute Bridges and notice how much better your hips and pelvis feel.

Banded Side Steps

Banded Side Steps are another great Glute-Grower, primarily targeting the gluteus medius and minimus (the muscles on the sides of your butt).

These are a great exercise to use as part of a superset with something like lunges, squats or lighter deadlifts, and will definitely give you a deep burn in your glutes.  They’re also a great exercise to throw in at the end of leg day, when all of your larger muscles groups are already exhausted.

For this exercise, it’s best to start with the resistance band around your knees, and as you progress you can lower it closer to your ankles.

For an even tougher workout, squat a little deeper and carry a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hands while performing your side steps.

Many gyms have a special area where they will keep their resistance bands, which are a necessity for this exercise.  Often times though, the bands will be old and losing their resistance, so a lot of people prefer to bring their own bands.

For this reason, we developed our triple pack of Mobility/Glute Bands.  With three different levels of resistance and a carrying case, these will fit perfectly in your gym bag and allow you to customize your side steps.

how to train a big ass

Glute Bands have a wide variety of other uses, and are one of the most useful additions you can make to your gym bag. 


No list of lower-body exercises would be complete without including the squat.

 gunsmith fitness squat belt

The squat is one of the most foundational exercises out there, and gives a total lower-body workout.  It’s especially helpful for growing a butt, because the squat works all three muscles in the gluteus group.

Make sure your squats are deep, and keep increasing the volume, whether via weight or reps, and you’re guaranteed to grow those glutes.  

Remember to only lift as much as you can safely handle, and to keep a straight, neutral spine.  A good weightlifting belt will help keep your back aligned, while also increasing intra-abdominal pressure, allowing you to lift more without injury.

A good weightlifting belt is a universal tool, widely regarded as a necessity by many lifters.  It will help you not only with your squats, but with any number of other exercises as well.

exercises for a bigger bum

Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks can target your glutes in a lot of ways that other exercises just can’t touch.  While these are rarely done with a lot of weight, they’re still incredibly effective.

how to train bum

If you have a set of ankle straps, you can hook into a cable machine at the gym.  If not, you can actually do these exercises at home with a set of our Door Resistance Bands, which also come with 2 ankle straps.  These will allow you to add weighted donkey kicks to your routine at home.

The ankle straps can be used in a variety of ways, allowing you to work all muscles in the glutes, as well as the hip flexors. 


There you have it, Gunsmith’s top exercises for growing a bigger butt.

Not only will having a bigger butt make you look better, but it will make you healthier and a better athlete.

Having well-developed glutes and hamstrings will improve your strength and stability, and give you a good foundation for your future in weightlifting.  After all, there’s a reason so many beginner’s programs focus around squats and building a strong foundation of lower-body muscle.

Try adding some of these exercises into your routine, and watch as your booty starts to grow.  Let’s make Sir Mix-a-Lot proud!

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