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Article: How Wearing a Weightlifting Belt Improves Women’s Weightlifting Activity

How Wearing a Weightlifting Belt Improves Women’s Weightlifting Activity - Gunsmith Fitness

How Wearing a Weightlifting Belt Improves Women’s Weightlifting Activity

Why Women Should Consider Using Weightlifting Belts

One wish shared by many women is the lifetime ability to eat whatever they desire and be exempted from its consequence that is weight gain. Who does not want that, right?

Hence, in the hopes of burning more calories, they usually engage in various forms of physical activity—mostly in the form of running and jogging. However, these are not highly effective for weight loss (for highly effective weight loss exercises, see HERE). This leads to frustration due to failure of losing weight after an expected amount of time in mind. This may result to demotivation, discontinuation from engaging in effortful physical activities, and an overall negative outlook on exercise.

Weightlifting is branded as a physical activity only for males. The reason for this is the common negative prejudice many women have towards the activity: that lifting weights will make their bodies appear muscular. Hence, the possibility of resembling male bodybuilders. This idea is utterly false for men and women are designed differently. Let us consider hormones. Testosterone, the main hormone that builds muscles, is seven to eight times greater in men than in women. The fact is, weightlifting does not equate to becoming bulky. The false idea will become true only if women commit to a strict diet and specific training. Fortunately, some women have recognized the misconception’s fallacy. Thus, weightlifting’s growing popularity among women.

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Apart from aiding an individual’s body to build muscles, burn calories, and shed fat, the following are other benefits brought about by weightlifting:

Improved Confidence

When one is physically active, one’s performance is enhanced. Consistent training improves power, speed, agility, and endurance. This allows a person to perform more physical activities such as household chores and sports. The stronger you are and the more tasks you accomplish and the increased level of satisfaction and confidence you feel. Hence, a more positive feeling and attitude is experienced.

Enhanced Mood and Reduced Stress

When one exercises, one’s body releases endorphins. This hormone improves mood and shields one from pain. Is it not a little astonishing to think that, “endorphins,” sounds like, “end your pain?” Kidding aside, the more endorphins are released, the more positively a person feels. This contributes to improved mental health.

Reduced Risk for Chronic Diseases

Weightlifting improves sleep as well as lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Also, less fat means its limited potential to surround the heart. Moreover, the said physical activity improves the processing of sugar. Hence, weightlifting lowers the risk for both cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Improved Bone Structure

Lifting weights strengthens connective tissues and stabilizes joints. This is due to the fact that when bones are put under stress, they become dense and resistant to force. Not only does weightlifting aid in lower back pain, it also helps in building stronger back and core as well as corrects bad posture. Hence, this lowers women’s risk for fractures, broken bones, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Weightlifting is one thing, but doing it effectively is another. A common criticism against the said physical activity is its tediousness. But it should not stop one, should it? After all, weightlifting has several benefits. Wearing protective gear such as a weightlifting belt is the answer to this problem for its advantages such as:

  1. Maintains spine stability;
  2. Reduces lower back stress;
  3. Lessens back hyperextension;
  4. Prevents back injury; and
  5. Improves performance.
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Gunsmith Fitness offers quality weightlifting belts of various sizes to fit any woman. Also, these are secured with hook and loop fastening for convenient attachment. A belt embraces the lower abdomen, at the same time stiff enough to provide strong support on one’s back, making weightlifting safer and more comfortable. You can also use this for performing squats and deadlifts as well as in other physical activities such as gardening.

Check out our custom weightlifting belts for a more enjoyable workout. Once you get to wear one, you will not lift without it on!

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