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Happy New Year folks!

2020, although challenging was a pretty good year for Gunsmith Fitness. We came out with some new products, we worked with some new athletes and many athletes who proudly rep our belts hit the Olympia stage.

Gunsmith fitness olympia 2020

December was a busy month in terms of the customs we made, here are some of the highlights.

We don't get asked for the 3D stitching effect often but when we do the result is always great. The white edging on ULTIMATE really pops.

Gunsmith fitness powerlifting custom belt

The green belt on the left is a beauty, it was a gift for a Greenbay Packers fan. The gold on green and the mix of fonts give an awesome look.

Gunsmith fitness olympic leather gym belt

Looks like we have a Pokemon fan in the house!

Personalised lifting belt

Olympic belts are still our most popular choice but we do plenty of power belts. The XX logo with multiple colours rocks.

Personalized powerlifting belt

More power belts for your perusal, check out the panda!

Custom lever belt

Black and red will always be a favourite and is by far our most popular choice. We love the logo detail on the middle belt.

Custom lifting belt

Some trickier logos here, we advise to keep them to a limited colours and shades so they turn out correctly

Gunsmith fitness personalised lifting belt

We don't do many purple belts but the Velvet Steel one, with 3D effect stitching and different fonts

Gunsmith fitness embroidery belts

Black and red on the white really stands out we think. White on black is always a winner

Gunsmith fitness custom gym lever belt

Last but not least, a rare sighting of burgundy in the wild.

Gunsmith fitness leather gym belts

So those are some of our favourites from our recent belts. Remember, pretty much any design we can do! Check out our custom belt page and get to work on yours. Don't worry if you can't get it perfect, we make a detailed design after the order comes through or if you're unsure, simply drop us a mail and we'll get right back to you!

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