January Custom Belt Carousel

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4.9 ( 40+ )

Happy new year folks! This is our first showcase of custom belts this year and we have some really nice designs for you.

As always we've picked some of our favourites. Let's start with the tan colour Mandalorian themed belt, how cool is this!

mandalorian gym belt


All 3 of these are lovely, we especially like the graphics on the steel grey belt on the right.

pokemon gym belt


Some nice colours here, the skull detailing on the peanut really pops.

best belt for the gym

The red powerlifting belt with the emoji's turned out awesome, this is one our our favourite custom belts this month.

best olympic weightlifting belt

We had to include a Wu-Tang themed belt didn't we! Yellow on black for the win.

best workout belt for the gym

The gator logs on the blue belt look awesome. Combined with the white test this really stands out.

powerlifting belts for the gym

White on pink, black on pink, they sure stand out!

pink gym belts

All these belts are awesome, the one on the left featuring the dragon detailing. The American themed centre belt and the eggplant belt on the end with the logos. Really happy how these turned out.

gym, belt with flags

The centre belt tool a ton of stitching but the final result is incredible, the combination of red and white on black is classic.

premium leather gym belts

Although most of our orders are for Olympic belts, we do get plenty of power belts. All of these are fire.

best powerlifting belt

The centre belt with 'The Cookie Dealer' was fun to make!

best crossfit lifting belt

Gold on burgundy anyone?

red gym belts

We love the captain america belt. We get tons of belts every month for IFBB Pro's, Gunsmith Fitness really are the choice of champions.

IFBB pro gym belts


All of these are lovely. Another IFBB pro belt and a really nice blue.

IFBB pro bodybuilding belt

That's it for January, should you wish to design your own belt. Check out our custom belt page! Need something quicker? Our pre made belts wont let you down either.

See you next month!

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