July Custom Belt Carousel

We've had a busy few weeks with the release of our new oversized T shirts and our Tanks but we've not slowed down on customs. Here's a few of our favourites from the last month.

Black and red still remains our most popular colour, here we've got some cool logos and for the belt on the far right we've got a 3D effect going on.

design your own gym belt
We like this big bold text designs, they certainly stand out. We've got a wide range of stitching colours so the only limit is your imagination!
design your own powerlifting belt
We offer camo options for our leather, the left has a subtle midnight camo look. We also do matching knee sleeves and wraps if you want the full look!
Again we've got some cool logos here.
black gym belt for lifting
More logos, we often get asked what logos are possible. We suggest going for something not too complex in detail and shades, these work fine.
customised gym lifting belt
We state that our belts are used by champions and they are. IFBB Pros, WFBB Pros, strongmen champs, there's a reason, because our belts are great!
IFBB pro lifting belts
The centre belt was something different, gold embossed logo with matching gold stitching underneath, we love how it turned out.
what is the best brand of lifting belts?
Gold stitching on black is eye catching AF,  not an option we regularly see but it really pops.
Best gym belt manufacturers
Gold on royal blue for the win. Don't be afraid to mix your fonts up as well, they give a great effect.
best fitness brand forbelts
More big bold red lettering on black, really stands out.
custom belt designs
Black on white is also very under rated, the flag was tricky on the far left belt but it came out great.
IPF approved custom designed gym belts
Pink on black is a nice touch, especially when you match the inner. The sky blue is a lovely colour as well.
IPF powerlifting belts
Gold on white is one of our guilty pleasures, we wish we saw more of it!

Best quality gym belts


That's it for this month folks! All of our belts are made from scratch as soon as your order is confirmed. They are made with the finest upholstery leathers and metals, plus they come with a lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately some of our competitors will cheap on out on the materials, either making the inner part of the belt with split leather or using poor quality pewter levers.

Design your belt now...

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