June Custom Belt Carousel

June has been another busy month for us and we've made a ton of customs. As always, here's a few of our favourite designs:

POwerlifting custom belt

 The red on black suede is a nice touch. Generally our customers go for leather on the outside but suede always comes out looking good. Gold on white is a beauty as well!

Black gym lifting belt

 How cool is the green embroidery She-Hulk belt? That really pops.

Build and design your own gym belt

 We say it every time, white is an under rated colour. Most customers go with black but we really like mixing it up.

Pink leather gym belt

 This white on purple belt is really nice!

Black leather custom belt

The middle belt has the nice outer edging colour on the 2nd line, if you want something like this then just mention it in the anything else box!

IPF Approved custom lifting belts

Green on blue Hulkery for the win. We are really happy at the way this one turned out.

Powerlifting custom design your own lifting belt

 Although OIympic custom belts are by far our most popular, we get alot of powerlifting customs as well. These designs are super clean.

gunsmith fitness custom belts

The matching logos on the last belt with the text in the middle give a nice symmetrical look.

brown custom gym belt

 The peanut/tan leathers are another under rated colourway. It gives a wonderful old school retro look.

what is the best lifting belt

 Orange on grey never fails to impress.

Best quality gym belts

 Red on royal blue always pops. We like the last belt as well, again with the black suede.

white custom gym belts

 The centre belt has it all, wonderful leather leather colour, nice logo and cool font. The Italian flag on white stands out great.

custom belts worldwide shipping

 We haven't made a blue outer suede belt in a long time, the black on blue gets a thumbs up. Gold on black is always a win.

gunsmith fitness gym belts

 Another white belt, this was tricky with the flags but the end result is fire.

custom powerlifting belt

All of these 3 belts turned out amazing. The white on green is fresh, gold on burgundy, gold on black. We expect the customers to be very happy with these!

Check out our Custom Belt page and design yours now.

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