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Article: November Custom Belt Carousel

November Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

November Custom Belt Carousel

We've had a crazy busy few weeks dealing with Xmas orders and we've had a ton of cool designs come through!


who makes the best custom designed belts

Alot of our orders come from IFBB Pros, the Olympia logo is tough but the red on white came out well here. Black on pink is also a winner!

why gunsmith fitness make the best lifting belts

The white joker belt is a beauty! Comic themed/characters are some of our favourite to make.

best lifting belts

Military belts are always popular, the belt on the far right came out really well.

fitness gym belts

With cryptocurrency flying at the moment, the 'Bitcoin to the moon' is as relevant as ever. The centre belt also has a really nice colour scheme on the green.

gym belts for weightlifting

How cool is the Plus Ultra belt? Red on white with the logos really pop. 

olympic lifting gym belts

Big heavy letters on black stand out, red on black is a winner but yellow/gold also work well.

how to lift more with a gym belt

The centre belt and the white logo on the back are simple but great designs. We have a ton of leather colours for our custom belts that we are continually adding to.

why gunsmith fitness make the best lifting belts

Heavy red font on white is a favourite. The tan belt on the left is not a colour that's often selected but the end result is impressive.

premium leather lifting belts

Logos and red text on a black belt produce some of our favourite results on custom belts. White on red is simple but effective.

custom gym belts

Black will always be the most popular colour but we still get wonderful designs. The white on black is super eye catching.

personalised lifting belt

Gold on black, oh yes!

how to design your own gym belt

More cool fonts and colours on black leather. The middle one is cool AF.

powerlifting gym belts

Gold on black, red on black. You can see why these are the most popular options.

design your own gym belt

We also offer different outline colours on text, the white and purple on black produces a nice look. 

IFBB pro belts

More black belts :-)


We'll have loads more pics to show in the next weeks once we wrap up the Xmas custom belt orders.

Check out our Custom Belt page and build yours now.


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