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Article: October Custom Belt Carousel

October Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

October Custom Belt Carousel

It's that time of month again, we'll be showcasing our favourite custom lifting belts that we've done recently. We've had a nice mix of powerlifting and olympic belts with some really cool designs. Here goes:

Printed your own design on a gym belt 

We'll be going live very soon with our print belts. No longer will you be limited by embroidery options, we'll be able to do pretty much anything! If you're stuck for inspiration our designer can assist building your dream belt. Here we made a couple of Marvel themed custom belts and a bodybuilding legends belt. These look incredible!

Anime themed gym belts

Want to create an anime themed custom belt? No problem, these look great, we especially love the Pokemon belt.

design your own belt for gym

A nice mix of colours here, we've got a ton of options in both leather and suede. The Rich Piana lifting belt rocks.

Who makes the best gym belts

We're still the choice of champions and we've lost count of the amount of custom belts we do for IFBB Pro's. We love the Punisher themed belt on the top right.

custom powerlifting belt

If you're looking for a 3D effect, we can do a border stitching when a chunky lettering is used. This really pops! There's a nice mix of colours here, flags on custom belts can be tricky but the top right looks cool AF.

are gunsmith belts better than modifit?

Another belt for an IFBB Pro on the top left. Top right is a nice mix of text and logos on grey. Bottom right, you can't go wrong with black and yellow, it looks awesome.

gunsmith custom lifting belts

These custom belts were tricky to do! A mix of print and thick lettering, we love a challenge! We can't pick a fav from these, they are all stunning.

Gym belt design

Some more big bold designs with lovely looking leathers. We think brown is underrated, we are big fans of the retro look.

anime gym belt

We've no idea what the top left belt is but it looks cool! The Transformers belt is simple but stands out. Check out the Lil Hulk belt with the 3D stitching.

Print your own gym belt

More yellow on black, this time with a complex logo. We also think the butterfly on white turned out amazing. 

That's it for this month, our cut off date for guaranteed Xmas deliveries is the 31st of October. Any belts received after that, we'll do our best but it could be they wont be there in time. Order the perfect present now and check out our Custom Belt page

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