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Article: The 10 Most Important Exercises for Men

The 10 Most Important Exercises for Men - Gunsmith Fitness

The 10 Most Important Exercises for Men

Top 10 Most Important Exercises for Men

Some exercise to stay fit and healthy, while other focus on strength training and muscle building. That being said, we are counting down the 10 most important exercises for men who are out there to build their strength and muscles. These are the men who have invested in their own gym equipment or regulars in their local gym. If you’re one of them or you’re planning to start exercising to build some big guns, then these are the exercises you’d want to consider.


is the deadlift a good exercise

Many say that the deadlift is the king of all exercises. By lifting a heavyweight barbell, you are targeting practically every muscle group on your body. It is a great test of strength so please proceed with precaution.

Back squat

Squatting while laying on your back and lifting some weights should be simple. Not. The back squat is just like the deadlift, which targets all major muscle groups and can build strength like no other. Many runners and track athletes do the back squat regularly to become stronger and faster.

Suspended Pushup

If classic pushups get boring, then jump to the next level with suspended pushups. Great for strength and muscle building, the suspended pushup can also help make your shoulders stronger and healthier for years to come.

Hamstring Curl

is the hamstring girl a good exercise

The hamstring curl is perfect for improving your upper and lower body coordination as well. It looks kind of weird and silly as you balance yourself on a physioball, but doing so can help take the stress and tension off your knees.

Bench Press

Possibly one of the most popular exercises for men out there that you might find it amusing for a gym-going man to have never tried it at all, the bench press is truly one of the best workouts out there. It can certainly help you develop lean muscles, strong and well-defined shoulders, pecs, and triceps.

Barbell Overhead Press

If you’re aiming to build upper body muscles and strength and you lost interest in the bench press already, then go for the barbell overhead press. Some even say that it is even better than the good old bench press for upper body muscle development.

Pull Ups

A lot of men include wide shoulders as their ultimate goal when exercising. Wide shoulders and a wide back can be achieved with regular pull ups. Not only a muscle-building exercise, pull ups can help build a whole lot of strength as well.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebells in a variety of weights sell for cheap these days so you can easily get one or a few for your home workouts. If you want to continue your fitness journey towards a ripped physique even when you can’t head to the gym daily, then the kettlebell swing should be your go-to exercise.

is the kettlebell swing a good exercise

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Aiming for a strong and firm behind? Then perhaps the most important exercise you should include in your routine is the Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift. It’s also great in improving lower back health.

Farmer’s Walk

Planning to build strength and muscles but you’re on a tight budget? Then the Farmer’s Walk is for you. You don’t even need any kind of special equipment for this. Just lift and walk around with heavy objects around your home and you can already jumpstart a workout.

Hopefully, you’ll find all or a few of these most important exercises for men suitable for your goals. While we’re pretty sure you’ll look great when you start working out regularly, you can look even better when you have the best exercise gear. Take a look at some of our top-quality workout products here at Gunsmith Fitness.

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