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Custom Belt Design Guide

So you’ve decided to pull the trigger and get a custom belt? The options can be a bit daunting at first, with so many options and configurations. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Don’t want to read all of this? Well here’s a quick summary:


Select your belt type / shape – whether it’s an Olympic belt with single / double prong or a lever or a powerlifting belt with single /double prong or lever.


Select whether you want full length print or embroidery (embroidery is on back section 30cm / 12” wide) we can also print and embroidery on the inner.


Build your design and upload any logos.


Don’t worry if it’s not perfect on the Belt Builder. We use the initial selection to create a detailed design which we then send for your approval. We can change this as many times as you like until you’re happy for us to start.


We ship worldwide.

Your first step is selecting the belt shape and the thickness. The Olympic belt is the traditional shape that is 4”/10cm high back panel with padding on the inside, then tapers on the sides to 2.5”/6cm. This is around 6/7mm thick and our comfiest most popular belt. Thicker options are available and they don’t come with padding. If you go for a Powerlifting belt they are the same stize all the way round, 4”/10cm. We offer 3 levels of thickness on both types, 6/7mm, 10mm and 13mm. The thicker you go, the stiffer the belt.

Next up is if you want your belt printed or embroidered. Printed designs span the length of the belt, whereas embroidered are limited to 30cm/12” width. We can embroider at numerous points on the belt as well as the back panel. Printed belts are great for complex designs and logos where it wouldn’t normally be possible with embroidery. Some examples where print works better are photos or anime style images. Embroidery in our opinion gives a more 3D effect. Of course you can combine them both and have embroidery on top of printed, this gives an incredible result.

We have a ton of examples of completed belts on our Instagram should you be looking for some inspiration.

If you’re looking to do a print belt, you can upload your images to the custom belt builder, we suggest 5-10. You can either go for the tiles effect, or if you want them blending, we can do the design work to create an cool result. Of course if you have a full design already available, we can use that.

Embroidered Belts

Embroidered belts have the option to span the back panel of the belt which is 12”/30cm. We have a ton of configurations available to combine text/image designs in different layouts and lots of fonts. If your font is not listed, just let us know the name of the font you’d like us to use. You can choose from simple text or a combination of text and images.

Custom power lifting belt with yellow embroidered text and images on either side.
Black custom power lifting belt with red embrodered text.
Blue olympic power lifting belt with white embroidered text and the americal flag underneath.

Example: Embroidered belts

Printed belts

For printed belts there are a number of possibilities:

1. Upload your own complete print which should be in the correct size ratios/aspects for the belt and size you’ve ordered, preferably in the highest resolution possible to ensure a better end result. Adding just 1 square image will not enable us to do a full sized belt design as the design will be skewed.

2. Lasty we can create the design for you. Add 5-10 images and select tiles or blended. Tiled will be each image next to each other. Whereas blended our designer will blend them together.

A group of our default printed belts.
A group of our default printed belts.

Example: Printed belts

Manufacture time

Our standard manufacture time is around 6-8 weeks although we aim to have them ready sooner. These timeframes do not include shipping. We ship worldwide is usually within 2-5 days with UPS or DHL, however some countries can take longer.

Summary / FAQ

This should give you a good starting point for building your belt. Here’s a few more points that can help.

Measure your waist at your belly button\/navel where the belt will sit. DO NOT GO OFF TROUSER SIZE. This can be different and if a belt is too small when you receive it, there isn’t much that can be done. Pull a tape measure tight but don't breathe in. For prong belts we suggest being near the middle of the size range to give you the most variance, whereas lever belts we suggest being in the middle to avoid too much excess of the belt being uncomfortable underneath.

Most belt manufacturers are using poor quality leathers on the inners and outers of the belt. We use upholstery quality analine leather and amara suite on the outside. We use full vegetable tanned leather on the inside for extra longevity.

Our custom belts come with a lifetime guarantee. If there’s an issue, we’ll resolve it.

Take a look at our Instagram we have Olympia winners, IFBB pros, Strongman legends and other well known atheltes using our stuff.