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4 Inch Shibusa Premium Leather Lifting Belt

Sale price £39.99

Customer Reviews

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The belt is really well made

The belt is really well made, hook very durable and decidedly beautiful both to grip and comfortable to wear, shame having made it because of the closure “faulty”, every time I closed it, it remained a little open and I risked it would open completely under strain. Maybe it was just my “failed” product.

Looking for a single-prong belt? Just buy this.

This belt is effing excellent. I’ve used it for a few weeks now and feel confident it will last a very long time. It is very well constructed with a heavy duty prong.

I measured 30” around the belly button and ordered the M. I am in the midrange of the belt holes (I have 3 holes more I could tighten with).

This is the first time I have owned a belt and I am very pleased with this. And the best bit- my deadlifts have gone up by 15%!

David Heritage
A quality power belt.

The belt is obviously a quality item and should give years of service. The leather is quite soft from the get-go, and should get more pliable with wear. Be careful when ordering though - I ordered an XL, thinking that I could always make an extra hole if needed. This will not be an issue as my 40" girth (where the belt is intended to be worn, not my 36" trouser waist) only leaves 3 holes from the end of the belt.

T Wheeler
Solid, high quality brushed leather belt

For the price, this is the best belt I have seen online. I bought a similar belt cheaper from another manufacturer and the quality was poor. This meant there was a lot of give in the belt which is clearly not what you want.
This is the first time I have used a single pin belt but found it still fit me very securely and was more comfortable during deadlifts.

I highly recommend buying this!

Amazon Customer
If you want a good belt, this is the one for you!

When I was looking to buy a belt, this one jumped out. I liked the looked and the logo wasn't too imposing which is always a plus! Most importantly though, this one does the job it is supposed to and I have noticed my rep numbers in squats, deadlifts and military presses have all increased when wearing this. This is due to the support it gives in the back and abdominal regions just as it should do. Another big plus is that is ready to go soft leather so while you it gives the necessary support it does give you flexibility between sets. I opted for the single prong option, nice and easy to get off with no embarrassing struggles in the gym to free yourself of it while others gawp! A great, well made product which I would highly recommend to anyone.