About Gunsmith


To provide only the very best quality fitness products to enable people to smash their goals.


I'm Brian and I founded Gunsmith Fitness in late 2015.
I'd had a bit of an unlucky run of buying fitness products like belts, gloves and grips, once they had arrived I realised how shoddy they were which left me disappointed.

My background is in project management/process improvement, I had a lightbulb moment and thought "I can do this better!". So I set out on my journey of creating meaningful relationships with suppliers and travelling the globe in my quest for the perfect products using only the best materials.

From concept to design to production and finally market, each product is vetted by numerous industry professionals prior to release. That Bench Blaster you're using? It's been put through the motions by a powerlifting champ. That lifting belt? It's been through multiple iterations based on feedback from the experts.

It hasn't been easy, we strive for excellence in everything we offer at Gunsmith Fitness and customer satisfaction is paramount. This has meant we've got some really awesome fans and followers on social media who are always adding fantastic content.



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