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Article: Marco Ricorda

Marco Ricorda - Gunsmith Fitness

Marco Ricorda

Marco Ricorda isn’t the usual online fitness figure. He is a regular guy, working for an international organization, wears suits and ties and takes the bus to work. Still, he is a competitive natural bodybuilder on a mission to show everybody that no matter your situation, your commitments or location all of you can live this lifestyle and make it happen. Carrying meals, counting macros and training hard is a choice not something you want to cross out of your list. He is a huge fan of Kevin Levrone, Jay Cutler and Frank Zane and he always carries Gunsmith Fitness gears on his business trips. You’ll find him in the worst gyms of Brussels.

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Sanna-Maria Seilamo - Gunsmith Fitness

Sanna-Maria Seilamo

Instagram sensation Sanna-Maria hails from the far corner of Finland. When she's not posting fitness or lifestyle gold she's travelling the globe. If you are not already following her, check her ou...

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