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Article: Sanna-Maria Seilamo

Sanna-Maria Seilamo - Gunsmith Fitness

Sanna-Maria Seilamo

Instagram sensation Sanna-Maria hails from the far corner of Finland. When she's not posting fitness or lifestyle gold she's travelling the globe. If you are not already following her, check her out!

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Marco Ricorda - Gunsmith Fitness

Marco Ricorda

Marco Ricorda isn’t the usual online fitness figure. He is a regular guy, working for an international organization, wears suits and ties and takes the bus to work. Still, he is a competitive natur...

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Fabian Lindenberg - Gunsmith Fitness

Fabian Lindenberg

The beast from Berlin! Fabian is a well known powerlifter from Germany, when he's not throwing obscenely heavy weights around or eating enormous feasts he enjoys martial arts, swimming, throwing ob...

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