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Article: 7 Benefits of Thick Bar Training For Serious Gym Goers

7 Benefits of Thick Bar Training For Serious Gym Goers - Gunsmith Fitness

7 Benefits of Thick Bar Training For Serious Gym Goers

Thick bar training? What on earth are you talking about? Well, let me break it down.

See, most gym goers don’t know much about the vast benefits of thick bar training. Yet, once you’ve put in your dues, you can increase them gains like nothing else by training with a thicker bar.

When you train with a thicker bar, you can:

  • Build bigger muscles
  • Avoid injuries
  • Improve your athletic ability
  • ...And so much more!

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The old-school strongmen we see with barrel chests in black-and-white videos all used to train with thick bars. Why don’t most gym goers these days? First and foremost, most gyms don’t offer many thick bars.

While most of us have used the thick bar to bench every now and then, it’s impossible to find thick dumbbells or thicker handles on a cable machine. It just doesn’t happen. The average gym goer wants normal handles, not thick grips designed to slab on serious muscle.

But if you’re looking to get swollen, thicker bars can help - and you don’t even need to build you own gym filled with thick barbells, dumbbells, and cable accessories.

Nope! Instead, you need a simple gym accessory designed to turn any bar or handle into a thick one.

If you’re looking to garner a lil’ sickness for the thickness, then click here. The Grenadier Grips may be just what Dr. Swole ordered! 

Athlete using Grenadier grips

7 Benefits of Thick Bar Training For Serious Gym Goers 

Now, there’s a lot more to thick bar training than getting bigger. Thick bar training offers a plethora of benefits that regular training simply cannot compete with.

After using Grenadier Grips for months on end, here’s seven benefits of thick bar training I’ve noticed:

Bigger Arms & Forearms

The absolute easiest way to put on slabs of forearm muscle is through thick bar training. Slap on some grips while training your arms and your forearms will grow faster than ever before.

The thicker bar forces the muscles in the forearms to work much harder than before. This ensures great growth. Once your forearm growth catches up to your biceps and triceps, these muscles will be able to grow faster than ever before.

Why? Because if you’re like most gym goers, you have an imbalance between your forearms and your biceps and triceps. When this imbalance is corrected, your gains shoot through the roof.

Many first-time Grenadier Grips users gain 2-5 cm on their arms within a few short months!

More Muscle Activation Equals Strength Gains

Not only do you get bigger when using thick bar training, but you get stronger, too. Thick bars activate more muscles in your forearms and arms. By using more muscles, you’re easily able to move more weight.

Through long-term training of these rarely used muscles, many serious gym goers gain serious strength through added fast twitch muscle fibers. When these gym junkies go back to training with a regular bar, most note a 10-15% increased in overall strength.

Athlete using Grenadier grips

Improved Grip Strength

Stronger forearms almost always equates to improved gripped. Many gym addicts have enough mass on their backs and biceps to deadlift big weight, but they keep plateauing. Why? Because their grip strength is too weak.

When you use Grenadier Grips to train with thicker bars, you automatically improve your grip strength. This will lead to bigger main lifts (such as deadlifts) down the road. The stronger your grip is, the more you’ll be able to pull. From deadlifts to bent over row, thick bar training will make sure you’re pulling heavier than ever before.

Reduced Joint Pain

By activating more muscles in your arms and forearms, you take pressure off the elbow and rotator cuff. This is incredibly important, especially when moving heavy weights on a consistent basis.


The thicker bar also spreads the weight over a wider area in the hand, allowing certain joints to relax a little when moving the weight. Finally, thick bar training also improve biomechanics on certain lifts - which is always a good thing for the joints.

Eliminate Weak Links

One of the easiest ways to eliminate weak links throughout your body is thick bar training. A thicker bar allows you to focus on the hands, fingers, and forearms. These muscles are often overlooked for larger muscles in the body.

However, our bodies are complex machines. When one small muscle group is weak, it can hinder activation and muscle growth throughout a plethora of areas.

For example, powerlifters know that a huge deadlift will eventually lead to increased bench press. While counterintuitive, a large back translate to a lot of power when pressing through the chest.

In a similar manner, when you incorporate thick bar training, your hands, fingers, and forearms gain significant strength. This eliminates these possible weak links and sends your main lifts skyrocketing.

Athlete using Grenadier grips

It’s Just Harder

It takes more concentration to properly lift weights with a thicker bar. The thicker bar makes it harder to control the weights, so you have to focus more on every contraction and movement.

Many claim this is the main reason why thick bar training is so effective, and there’s some truth to that. Just think about it…

Have you ever tried to carry a 30 kg bag of cat litter? You probably assumed 30 kg wouldn’t bar hard to carry and move around, but when you picked it up things were a lot harder. That’s because you couldn’t control the weight with your grip.

In a similar manner, it takes greater focus and is just plain harder when training with a thick bar.

Works With Any Lift

Last, but not least - you can use the Grenadier Grips with any and every lift. These grips ensure any bar or handle can be turned into a thick bar.

Our grips can be attached to barbells, dumbbells, pull up bars, and cable attachments. We’ve yet to find a common lift where you cannot incorporate the grips to get the full benefits of thick bar training.

The Easiest Way to Incorporate Thick Bar Training?

If you’re ready to see massive gains, increase the size of your forearms, and add a couple cm to your arms - then it’s time to get a pair of Grenadier Grips. They are available in 2 types and guaranteed to give you a killer pump.

While we may be biased here at Gunsmith Fitness, we’re also confident in the gains you’ll get with fat bar training. We have some limited edition black, red and even orange grips in stock, get them whilst stocks last!

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