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Article: The Best Forearm Exercises For Serious Weightlifters

The Best Forearm Exercises For Serious Weightlifters - Gunsmith Fitness

The Best Forearm Exercises For Serious Weightlifters

You’re might be reading this piece because you want to grow some thick forearms sure to make moving big weight easier than ever before.

Forearms that make packing on slabs of muscle easier than ever before. That make grip strength issues a thing of the past.

Yet, for some of my fellow swole brethren, the forearms present many an issue.

Some have compared them to calves. If you’ve got the right genetics, they grow. If not, your forearms become a no-go.

Now, at Gunsmith Fitness, we don’t believe that jazz. We see forearm growth as a guarantee - you just have to know how to properly train those bad boys.

Which is where we come in. Through years of paying our iron dues, we’ve figured out how to grow massive forearms without much effort.

You just need to know the best forearm exercises. Combined with a few gym accessories and you’ll have veiny forearms popping out like never before.


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The Best Forearm Exercises For Serious Weightlifters

So, enough with all this fluff. Let’s dig in and talk about the best forearms exercises for serious gym goers.

If you’re serious about forearm gains, keep reading…

Heavy Weights

First and foremost, your forearms grow naturally when you do heavy pushing and pulling movements. They also grow when you hit curls hard.

As such, this should be the first step in training your forearms. Hitting low rep movements like bench press, push press, and deadlifts.

This will cause initial forearm growth like crazy, especially if you’re using proper form and adding weight as necessary.

But eventually, you’ll begin to hit a wall with these lifts. Them gains will eventually stop coming unless you start doing something different...

Dumbbell Farmer Walk

One difference that can add massive gains is grip strength. And grip strength tends to start in the forearms.

Which is why you’re reading this guide on the best damn forearm exercises, period.

And this one is certainly one of the best. Dumbbell farmer walks will add muscle to your forearms like nothing else.

Just grab some heavy dumbbells in each hand. Weights that take a solid effort to keep ahold of. Them start walking. Keep your head up and shoulders back. Focus on firing the forearms as you walk.

Try to take 40+ steps before setting the weights down.

Once you feel comfortable doing farmer walks with solid weights, add Grenadier Grips for an extra boost. This will add slabs of muscle to your forearms like never before.

Curls of All Kinds

Bicep curls definitely train your forearms. More bicep curls will equal more forearm muscles almost 100% of the time.

But sometimes, we’re not training arms and still, want to hit forearms.

Then you need to hit forearm-specific curls. In these situations, we recommend dumbbell wrist reverse curls.

Reverse curls put the forearm through a movement that it’s not used to. You train different muscles when hitting wrist reverse curls. Forearm muscles ready to grow and help you improve grip strength.

When utilizing this exercise, strive to burn out the muscle for maximum gains. High reps, lower weight.

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Plate Pinching

This is an old-school trick that many young bucks overlook these days. However, plate pinching is one of the best ways to add real grip strength and forearm size.

To start, all you need is two iron 5 kg plates. Pinch them together with your fingers and thumb on one hand. Hold the weights for 20-30 seconds. Then switch hands. A couple sets on each side are all that’s required.

You should feel a burn. It should be difficult to keep the weights from slipping out of your hands. This is a burnout exercise.

Once it gets too easy, meaning 30 seconds isn’t offering much burn any longer, you can add a plate. Now, you’ll have three 5 kg plates in your hand.

After that, you’ll have to go up to 10 kg plates.

Towel Hangs

Another old-school trick to fire up forearm growth is the dreaded towel hang. As simple as it sounds, you grab a couple towels and throw them over a pull-up bar.

Grab each towel with your hands and hold on for as long as you can. This will test your grip strength like none other.

If you can get to a minute here, then you’ll want to try this weighted. You can wear a weight vest or add weight like you would on weighted pull-ups.

This will make things interesting, and insanely difficult. Your grip strength will be tested like nothing else, as the towel grips offer a weird angle. This increases the intensity and usually, forearm growth.

Fat Grips For the Win

Last but not least, you can add fat grips, like the Grenadier Grips, to any and all of your training. By adding fat bar training to your gym sessions, you will see forearm growth.


Personally, this was the biggest change for me. When I began adding Grenadier Grip work to my gym sessions, my forearms ballooned and my grip strength skyrocketed.

There’s a reason we talk a lot about this product here at Gunsmith Fitness. Why? Because it truly works and you will see explosive forearm gains if used properly.

Athlete using the wide Grenadier Grips

The Best Forearm Exercises For Serious Weightlifters

No gym goer should hit plateaus due to skimpy forearms ever again. There are simply no excuses. Forearms are meant to grow. All you have to do is incorporate some of the best forearm exercises for serious weightlifters.

Start hitting some farmer walks. Pinch some damn plates. Hit a few wrist reverse curls. Hell, do a few towel hangs, too.

Then watch those forearms start looking thicker than ever before.

Oh, and for the fastest gains…

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Check out our grenadier grips.

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