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Article: April 2023 Custom Belt Carousel

April 2023 Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

April 2023 Custom Belt Carousel

Our favourite belts from last month...

Another busy month at Gunsmith HQ. We continue to produce the best custom lifting belts around. Whether it's a weightlifting belt you are looking for or a powerlifting belt. There are countless colours and configurations to choose from. Let's take a look at some of our recent designs.

Some beautifully designed belts here. The flag/text combo on white leather really pops. We are making more and more printed belt designs lately, combine that with some embroidery over the top and the result looks great.

Custom olympic weightlifting belts

You can't go wrong with a black custom belt. They have always been and probably always will be our most popular design. The green embroidery on the top right looks super cool.

Who makes the best custom weightlifting belts?

We love the top left belt. Orange on white is a rare choice, mix that up with some black edge work on the text, the final design is outstanding.

who makes the best powerlifting belts?

Some nice leather colours here! We only use the finest upholstery quality leather and no cheap fillers. Red on blue looks great, gold on white looks awesome. The bottom right is a classic mix of logo and chunky fonts.

Why gunsmith fitness belts are better than Modifit

More black custom belt, this time mixing in some logos. We offer a print option for logos so if they are too complex to stitch, we can print onto the belt. We love the one on the bottom left! 

how to design your own lifting belt

Flags are always fun to do on belts, challenging but fun! The top left has blocky 3D aqua text on black. This gives an eye popping result.

premium leather weightlifting belts

We've been playing around with some metallic looking leathers lately, the top 2 belts look fantastic with white and gold.

Premium quality custom lifting belts

We make a ton of lifting belts for IFBB Pro's, Gunsmith are the go to for pro's worldwide. Red on black is a classic.

Premium custom gym belts

We are getting more and more anime designs lately, whether you need a Dragonball belt, a Pokemon belt, even a Marvel belt, we can do them!

printed anime gym belts

Top left was tricky to do, black on red looks outstanding. Bottom left we have a text/logo combo on black suede. Bottom right, another belt for an IFBB Pro.

best weightlifting belt for the gym

More black belts, more cool designs. We love the joker belt on the top left and the bottom left belt.

What belts to IFBB pro's use

The butterfly belt on the top left was a tricky one, the mix of colours and complexity. We are delighted with the result though. We offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders, if you need a bunch of belts for your gym, we've got your back!

Design your own leather weightlifting belt

If you're looking to create your own belt, check out our Custom Belt page. You can design your own and if you're unsure we can design one for you! If you're looking for some inspiration on previous belts we've made. Check out our Custom Belt Gallery.

See you next month!

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