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Article: March 2023 Custom Belt Carousel

March 2023 Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

March 2023 Custom Belt Carousel

We've had an action packed month at the Gunsmith Forge. We've recently added the option for full print belts and are seeing some incredible designs from you guys.

Here's some of our favourite custom belts from the last month. Here goes!

Premium custom lifting belts

Some great finished belts here. The mix of text and graphics give an awesome effect. 

Design your own lifting belt

A nice change from the ever popular red on black. These colours really stand out. We'll be adding more leather options to our range of both weightlifting and powerlifting belts very soon.

Customise your own lifting belt

A red bull on a black belt, cool right? Big blocky text also gives a nice result. 

Personalised gym belts

Green on dark blue anyone? Oh yes. We love the kitty design on the purple belt as well, it really pops.

Create your own gym lifting belt

The black belt was a tricky one to do due to the complexity of the graphics but the end result is very nice. If an image it too complex for embroidery, we do them in print, this gives the flexibility to add  lot more detail.

Printed custom gym belts

Top left is one of our coolest belts in a while, full print with text over it. Bottom left took a ton of stitches but it's awesome.

Make your own gym belt online

Flags are always fun to do, how cool is the top right belt!? White on red always gives a nice effect.

The best personalised belts for the gym

Another nice mix of colours here, top left came out great.

Premium leather gym belts

More cool colours, we really like the batman themed belt. Not sure what the images are on the bottom left but it came out amazing! We can do any font, even if it's not listed on the website so don't hesitate to ask if you want something different.

Who makes the best gym belts?

Orange on blue on the top left really pops. Top right is a mix of embroidery and print.

Gunsmith fitness premium custom belts

The blue cookie monster belt looks fantastic. Bottom left is another mix of print and embroidery.

Premium custom lifting belts for the gym

Bottom left was a super complex image to embroider for PCA. Big red letters on black is one of our most popular options for custom belts.

Best custom gym belts

Top left was fun to do, a combination of text and a logo. Top right has big bold 3D lettering and looks great.

Design your own belt now on our Custom Belt page. We use only the finest materials and our belts are used by champions all over the world

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