April Custom Belt Carousel

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4.9 ( 40+ )

We've been crazy busy with launching our Performance Joggers lately but that doesn't mean we've stopped doing customs. Oh no!

Here's a few recent ones that came out great.

gunsmith fitness custom belt

Top left is a lovely burgundy, with some nice graphics on there. We're soon going to be allowing a print option that allows for even more detail but this one looks great. Top right, red on black, always a winner! Bottom right, the American flag can be tricky, but with the white text on the dark blue background, this really pops!

Design your own gym belt

What a mix of colours. The gold/yellow logos on the top right stand out great. Top right is a simple gold on white, underused in our opinion but we think it looks awesome. Bottom left, orange on grey is also something we love doing. As for the bottom right, purple suede is a rarity indeed but it certainly stands out!

design your own gym belt

More cool colours here, top left is a wonderful peanut/tan leather with matching embroidery, this gives a nice old school look. Top right, black on white is one of our more popular combos, when mixed with a logo, the result is even better. Bottom left, the black on the red, with the logo, simple but a solid design! Bottom right, this gives us Shrek vibes, green on black suede isn't something we do often.

who makes the best personalised belts

Top left, belts with flags are always fun to do, this one came out great and the colour scheme is cool. We get LOADS of 'Yeah Buddyyy" belts, not so often in white though. Bottom right, not sure what this logo is but we like it on the black.

create a custom gym belt

We sometimes get asked if we can create belts with fonts not listed on the website, no issue at all, let us know the name and we'll do the rest. Here's a few examples. Simple but solid designs.

best leather gym belt

We can't imagine black not being the most popular leather colour, we get tons of orders of them every month. What goes on top of that though completely changes the look. All of these are beauties, the white one of Arnold on the black suede is one of our favs.

We'll be showcasing some more pics soon, in the meantime, check out our custom designer page to build you're own.


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