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Article: August 2022 Custom Belt Carousel

August 2022 Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

August 2022 Custom Belt Carousel

It's been a while since we posted some custom belts at Gunsmith HQ, but we've made a ton lately!

Here's some of our favourites from our recent batch:

UK custom gym belt

Black has always been our the most popular colour. We love the Punisher image used on the bottom left. The white designs look very cool as well we think!

UK custom belt designs gunsmith

Red on white is always a winner and makes a big statement. Black on pink stands out great as well.

UK custom belts for the gym

More Punisher and a cheeky instagram design. The peanut and purple leathers are rare choices but the effect is awesome.

custom gym belt for powerlifting

A fantastic mix here, the blue on red with super man logo pops. The US themed logos on the white belt came out nicely.

IPF approved custom belts

Big bold lettering on bright leathers for the win!

Powerlifting custom gym belts

We loved making the green on white, a rare choice but the result is incredible.

design your own gym belt

Some cool logo/text belts here. The American Nightmare was a tricky one but we think we pulled it off.

make your own custom lifting belt

Some simple text based designs on really nice leathers.

put your own design on a gym belt

These were fun to do, more logo/text combinations. If you can imagine it, we can make it!

best gym belts UK

Orange on blue is a rare one but we love it, the jacked red devils on black also looks solid.

custom gym belts UK

Some subtle designs here, we're fans of the old school brown.

best belt to use for the gymBlack, black and more black. Our most popular option, red gives a wonderful effect when used.

There's a reason the leading names in fitness use our gear, our belts are made with the finest leathers and come with a lifetime guarantee. We make every order from scratch and don't start production until you're happy for us to start.

Don't settle for inferior equipment, design your custom belt now.



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