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Article: January 2022 Custom Belt Carousel

January 2022 Custom Belt Carousel - Gunsmith Fitness

January 2022 Custom Belt Carousel

Happy New Year from the team at Gunsmith Fitness.

We had a busy Xmas and put together some great belts for some delighted customers.

Premium weightlifting belts banner - Gunsmith Fitness

As always, here are some of our favourite custom Olympic and powerlifting belts.

First up, we love the wide embroidery on these belts, black is always our most popular choice but depending on the font and the embroidery colour, the results vary massively.

personalised leather gym belt

More black belts, this time with some cool flags and logos. If the design is a blocky font, we make with a 3D effect for extra pop.

personalized leather gym belt

We love how these custom white belts turned out and you can't go wrong with a retro brown lifting belt.

custom weightlifting belt

Yellow is a rarer choice but this one turned out great. The logos on the white and the black belts give a cool effect.

design your own gym belt

More white and black belts with a nice mix of colours. 

design your own powerlifting belt

Gold on black anyone? Bottom left is a suede exterior whereas the rest are analine leather. 

design personalized weightlifting belt

Baby blue on pink gives a nice result. As does blue on white. 

Create your own gym belt

We are getting more and more pink designs later. Also in Olympic and powerlifting styles.

gunsmith fitness leather belts

More black, with big bold designs and a 3D effect on the lettering.

custom design powerlifting belt

Did we say black is the most popular choice? Here with different embroidery colours.

custom belt for squats and deadlifts

Ahem, more black. The bottom right has a printed logo, we also offer that option if it's too tricky to do with embroidery.

custom gym belt for weightlifting

These ones are beauties! Venom powerlifting belt with printed logo. The other belts have a wonderful contrast of colours.

anime naruto custom gym belts

Gold on white? oh yes. The embroidery on the blue belt was tricky but the finished product looks very cool.

design your own anime gym belt

Green on black is a nice choice, here with the 4 leaf clovers embroidered.

gunsmith fitness premium leather gym belts

Last but not least, we have some big bold gold on yellow and a nice white on burgundy.

premium leather custom gym belts

Like what you see? Have your own design in mind? Design your own now on our Custom Belt Builder 

We also cater for gyms and larger orders. Hit us up if you think we can help. Our equipment is used worldwide and made with the most premium materials.

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