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Article: Lifting Straps vs. Grips: What's the Difference

Lifting Straps vs. Grips: What's the Difference - Gunsmith Fitness

Lifting Straps vs. Grips: What's the Difference

Lifting Straps vs. Grips: What's the Difference

Lifting straps and lifting grips are both used to provide a better grip on barbells and to lift heavier weights. They’re also both commonly confused with one another because of how similar they seem. However, slight differences between the two make one preferable to the other in certain situations. 
If you’re new to using lifting straps or have been working out for a long time and have never used them before, this article is for you! Let’s see which one is better suited for your workout routine and why...

Lifting Straps: The Basics

A lifting wrist strap is a fabric wrapped around a bar and your wrists to provide a better grip. Most lifting straps are made from leather or synthetic material. However, there are also some cotton lifting straps that are used for lighter-weight lifting. Lifting straps are often preferred for heavy-duty lifting because they provide a more secure grip. This is important when lifting a big amount of weight because the risk of the bar slipping out of your hands is much greater. Especially important for people with smaller hands, whose grip strength is likely to be lower than those with larger hands. Lifting straps can also be used when lifting lighter weights, but it’s generally a less practical and secure solution as you have to tie the straps very tight around the bar and wrists. If you don’t make the proper adjustments, your hands can slide out of the straps and cause injury.


Lifting Straps

When Should You Use Pair of Lifting Straps?

When the amount of weight lifted is too much for you to get a good grip with your own hands.
If you’re lifting heavy weights (high-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Powerlifting, etc.).
If stronger grip strength isn’t necessarily something you can improve on your own.
If you have small hands and struggled with a secure grip while lifting weights in the past.
If you’re warming up with lighter weights (you’re not trying to push yourself to your physical limits).

How to Use Lifting Straps?

Grab the bar normally, and wrap around the bar going underneath the bar first, not over. Once the straps are in place you can tighten them by grabbing the wrapped strap, not too tightly, and roll the bar back towards your body.

Lifting Grips: The Basics

Lifting grips are like wrist wraps with a pad that you band around the bar to protect your hands (Similar to a lifting hook). They’re made from a fabric similar to neoprene and are sticky on the palms to provide a better grip on the bar. The lifting grips are worn over your bare hands, so they can’t be used in place of lifting straps. Lifting grips are generally preferred for lighter weightlifting. They’re often used as part of a routine where the user alternates between lighter lifting and heavier weightlifting. In this case, using lifting grips on the lighter weights helps prevent calluses. Lifting grips are also widely used by people who have injured their hands and can’t lift without gloves. While they don’t heal the hands as lifting straps do, they’re a good option for people who can’t lift without gloves right now but want to in the future. Lifting grips are also a good choice for sport lifting gloves.

Lifting grips

Gunsmithfitness Power Grips come with extra-wide 2-inch velcro straps ensuring maximum support for your wrists and a unique grip pad to protect your hands that won't rip like others on the market.

When should you use lifting grips?

When you’re lifting lighter weights (less than 65% of your 1 rep max).
When your hands have been injured and need protection, like a fresh wound or new calluses.
When you want a more secure grip on the bar.
It's amazing for exercises such as deadlifts, and pulling movements and can be used for push movements too.


How Do You Use Lifting Grip?


Fix a wrist wrap on your hand securely. Place a strap beneath the bar and turn it over.
Start lifting by placing your hands over the grips.
Power Grips work similarly to lifting straps by wrapping around your wrists and then hooking over the bar. Because of this, you’re saving your grip strength and ability to do much more volume.


Lifting straps vs. Grips: Which is better for weightlifting?

Lifting straps and lifting grips are both designed for the same reason: To give you a better grip on the barbell. However, their designs and functions are slightly different, which makes them ideal for different weightlifting situations. Lifting straps are ideal for lighter weightlifting routines, such as bodyweight exercises with no added weight. They’re also perfect for heavy weightlifting routines that include extremely heavy weights that are impossible to grip with a normal level of strength. Lifting straps are not ideal for strength training routines that use lighter weights but still require a strong grip; the straps will only get in the way of your workout. Grips, on the other hand, are perfect for strength training routines that use lighter weights. They’re also perfect for strength training routines that use heavier weights but don’t require you to use too much force on the barbell.


Lifting straps and grips can assist you in lifting more weight and doing more reps of heavy pulling exercises such as deadlift variants, barbell rows, and barbell shrugs. You don't have to use them. Instead, you might improve your grip strength, using a hook grip, and grab some lifting chalk or tape. However, lifting straps and grips make stimulating muscle growth on those hefty pulling activities considerably easier and more convenient.

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