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Article: Tom Coleman Teams Up with Gunsmith Fitness

Tom Coleman Teams Up with Gunsmith Fitness - Gunsmith Fitness

Tom Coleman Teams Up with Gunsmith Fitness

Sometimes you find the perfect fit and things just fall into place. At Gunsmith Fitness, we find that happens a lot...and we like to think it's because our products and equipment are best in class. Just like how we met Tom Coleman at the Dubai Fitness Show and have been lucky enough to work with the bodybuilding legend ever since.

He’s a fierce competitor in the world of bodybuilding and the sort of down to earth guy that Gunsmith Fitness likes to support. After our chance encounter in Dubai, we sent Tom some Gunsmith Fitness gear like a Bespoke Weightlifting Belt and more. Tom liked the gear so much that he decided to work with us even more so. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have him. Here’s a little more about Tom...

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Who is Tom Coleman?

Quick let's break things down. Here's Tom’s bodybuilding size and stats:

  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5’10” – 178 cm
  • Weight: 196 lbs – 89 kg

Tom Coleman was born and raised in Essex in the UK and took a liking to fitness culture through Rugby. However, rugby is a notoriously rough sport and at 16 years of age, Tom got injured - it was bad enough to end his career as a rugby player. Without rugby, Tom knew that he needed a new outlet - so he joined the gym.

Tom describes the first time walking into the gym like it was yesterday. He was in awe as he gazed at the photographs on the walls - the amazing physiques like those of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates filled him with inspiration and drive.

From that day forward, he swore that he would one day have a physique that young cats like himself would look at and become inspired to do the same.

There's no doubt he did just that before the age of 30 years.

Bodybuilding Career

In physique competitions, it’s not uncommon for a lifter to develop a great physique over the better part of a decade before ever stepping on stage. In fact, it’s a great reminder for the rest of us... that building a world class physique takes time and patience, for Tom Coleman, it was 8 years of hard training before he ever stepped on stage.

But all those years of blood sweat and tears were worth it - Tom took home the first place trophy at the 2011 Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, This was Tom’s first big win, but he wasn’t satisfied yet, Tom continued to train like a savage never taking his eyes off the prize. This is especially impressive due to the fact that he was also working as a day laborer and building a roofing contractor business.

By day, Tom was on top of roofs sweating under the hot sun and by night, he was in the gym carving a physique that would give Greek gods a run for their money. In 2014, it was finally time for Tom to step on stage again - he entered the Miami Pro Championships as a muscle model and although he didn’t win he still placed 2nd in the competition. After the Miami Pro, he stayed in contest condition and entered the WBFF World Championship in Las Vegas. This time his contest prep was flawless and he took home the gold.

The competition at this contest was fierce and the win ended up earning Tom his pro card. Becoming a professional bodybuilder was a dream come true for Coleman, but his journey wouldn’t be a conventional one. The following year the same WBFF World Championship was held in Las Vegas and again Tom entered the competition. This time, however, he didn’t take home the first place trophy. He was on the podium in third place but he was highly disappointed in the result. In 2016, after only a few years as a professional bodybuilder, Tom decided competing on stage wasn't his best option moving forward. This is what Tom had to say about the difficult decision to end his career as a professional:

“Life is a journey, not a destination. I want to be judged on my physique and stage performance alongside other amateurs, who I know are at a very high standard. For me, it’s all about enjoying competing, making friends and being able to look back at your experiences in the industry. The Fitness industry should be about helping people to achieve their goals, and I don’t need a title to tell people who I am”

Bodybuilding, Hard Labor, and Living Life

People often ask Tom about the difficulties he faces competing as a bodybuilder while working hard labor at the same time. His answer? It’s all about passion and balance. According to Tom, his business as a day laborer is separate from bodybuilding - but Tom’s passion is bodybuilding and he always makes time for it.

Whether it’s taking a quick 15 minute break to scarf down one of his 7 meals of the day, making sure his gym bag is packed for the coming workout, or lifting late into the night, he always finds a way to get it done. However, Tom’s answer to “what’s the hardest part about bodybuilding as a day laborer?”:

“Getting all the meals in. There’s no easy way to go about it other than you just have to get the meals in somehow!”

Tom Coleman showcasing strength and dedication in a gym, sporting a Gunsmith tank top while confidently holding a customised weight lifting belt.

Tom Coleman’s Training Philosophy

There’s no school like the old school and it shows in Tom’s amazing physique. He trains every day of the week and likes to hit a different body-part per day. Tom likes to know what he’ll be hitting before he walks in the gym so he can visualize crushing the workout and manifest that energy when he actually walks in. Tom loves old school training with free weights and likes to go to absolute failure and often beyond that… No pain, no gain!

This old-school approach offers insane results for Tom, and was one of the main reasons he sought to utilize Gunsmith Premium Weightlifting Belts.

To stay injury-free while moving massive weight.

What’s Tom Coleman Up To Now?

Tom is having a big year to say the least:

His Instagram following is now at 1.2 million. He’s gearing up for another competition. Of course, joining the Gunsmith Fitness team is huge too.

We’re wishing Tom Coleman all the success in the world in 2019.

Here's to one hell of a year getting fit and utilizing Gunsmith gear to increase those gains.

If you’re looking to turbo charge your workouts and pack on slabs of muscle this year, then...

Check out the best lifting belts on the planet!

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