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Article: Fitness Professionals Use Gunsmith Premium Fitness Equipment and Accessories

Fitness Professionals Use Gunsmith Premium Fitness Equipment and Accessories - Gunsmith Fitness

Fitness Professionals Use Gunsmith Premium Fitness Equipment and Accessories

Here at Gunsmith Fitness, we're quite proud of the premium fitness equipment and accessories we create for gym goers just like you.

We may throw some hype around here and there, but for the most part, we truly believe what we say.


Because we've been using Gunsmith equipment for years to get better results in the gym.

To move big weights, stay injury-free and completely healthy, and look damn good doing it.

But we're not the only individuals who have used Gunsmith products, like Custom Belts, to get insane results in the gym. Hell no!

Many people all around the world have done the same. People just like you. They've used our premium fitness equipment and accessories to achieve their gym goals and so much more.

Not only people like you and me, though.

Gunsmith has also helped true fitness professionals achieve their goals through hard work, dedication, and world-class fitness gear.

It's what we do.

With that in mind, we wanted to take some to showcase and appreciate the fitness athletes that use Gunsmith gear to get the results they need to succeed - while in-season and off.

Premium weightlifting belt banner - Gunsmith Fitness

Who Are We?

Before we dig too deep, let's talk about who Gunsmith Fitness is.

Born in 2015, Gunsmith Fitness came to fruition after we quickly realized most fitness products and accessories suck. They're made as cheaply as possible and sold to the masses - whether they work well or not. These type of products simply don't hold up when used by real gym goers. People looking to get damn swole from the getgo. So, we decided to do thing the right way here at Gunsmith. To do things better. To create world-class fitness gear made from top quality materials, Premium fitness accessories built to last.

From concept to design to production and finally market, each product is vetted by numerous industry professionals prior to release. Professionals like the ones listed below. That Bench Blaster you're using? It's been put through the motions by a powerlifting champ. That lifting belt? It's been through multiple iterations based on feedback from the experts.

It hasn't been easy, as we strive for excellence in everything we offer at Gunsmith Fitness. This means more products get scraped than released, but that's ok. Because customer satisfaction is paramount to all we do.

Focused individual at the gym executing lat pull-downs with precision, engaging upper back muscles while seated and pulling the cable towards chest for an effective strength-training workout

Fitness Professionals Use Gunsmith Premium Fitness Equipment and Accessories

But enough with our fluff. Let's showcase some of our guys and gals. Fitness professionals that use Gunsmith products to get better results. To stay injury-free. To look great while doing it in customized gear. So, here are a few fitness professionals loving the Gunsmith gear:

Jaco De Bruyn

This dude is a true fitness legend. Consider one of the top bodybuilders in the world, Jaco just finished 4th in the 2018 WBFF Pro Worlds in Las Vegas.

His physique is damn near unparalleled and he uses his Gunsmith Bespoke Weightlifting Belt to aid him in a variety of back exercises...

Jaco De Bruyn sporting his custom weight lighting belt.

Ryan Terry

Another world famous bodybuilder and physique champion, Ryan Terry's resume speaks for itself.

The champion has won the Arnold Classic twice - in 2013 and 2017! He also finished second at Mr. Olympia in the past and is a 4X IFBB pro champion.

Ryan loves using Gunsmith Bespoke Belts for his major lifts and a variety of assistance movements. He even loved the customized product so much that he requested one for his fiancee...

Ryan Terry in the gym with a custom weightlifting belt

Michelle Lewin

Venezuelan sensation Michelle Lewin went from being the girl next door to one of the biggest names in the fitness industry.

She's absolutely huge on social media, you're probably familiar with her instagram and her first class workout plans.

We made Michelle a baby blue custom belt with her gold logo and she was over the moon.

michelle lewin gunsmith fitness

Jon Jones

Jon "Bones" Jones, UFC light heavyweight champion and in our eyes the pound for pound greatest fighter ever.

The man also has a killer deadlift so we hooked him up with his own custom lever belt so he can go even heavier.

Jon Jones gunsmith fitness

Karina Elle

Karina Elle is a world-renowned fitness model, trainer, and a former cheerleader from Florida.

Named the most “in-demand” fitness model in 2014 by numerous publications, she hasn't slowed down as of late.

Recently, she's started her own line of unique fitness programs for women and of course, she uses her Gunsmith custom weight belt when getting down and dirty in a squat rack.

Karina Elle gunsmith fitness

Tom Coleman

As one of the biggest names on the bodybuilding scene in the U.K., Tom Coleman is known all around Europe for his physique.

He's a WBFF Pro and a PCA Pro British champion. Tom loves to use Gunsmith accessories when getting swole - including his Bespoke Belt, wrist straps, and more...

Tom Coleman gunsmith fitness

Zoey Wright

Here at Gunsmith Fitness, we don't just work with mass monsters and swole bros, we've got the fit chicks covered, too.

One of our favorite fit gals? Zoey Wright.

A professional bodybuilder and member of Team USN, Zoey loves using her Bespoke Belt to tighten and tone her core while moving weight than most men in the gym...

Zoe Wright gunsmith fitness

Sanna-Maria Seilamo

Another incredible addition to the Gunsmith team is Sanna-Maria Seilamo, a Finnish fitness model and coach.

She showcases her incredible results all over social media, along with an in-depth fitness guide designed to help women achieve their dream physique by utilizing her secret tips and tricks.

One of those tricks? Using her custom weightlifting belt from Gunsmith Fitness when moving heavy weight.

Hattie Boydle

A true champion. A champion elite athlete, a champion coach and a champion mentor. With over two decades of coaching, she really knows her stuff.

Hattie Boydle gunsmith fitness

Olympia Legends

The 2020 stage showed numerous athletes who've rocked our gear. Legends like Chris Bumstead, Brandon Henderson and Andrei Deiu.

Gunsmith FItness olympia winners

Neil Currey

Another IFBB Pro that rocks Gunsmith gear is Neil Currey.

With an incredibly shredded physique and some of the best damn legs on the scene, this dude clearly knows his way around a squat rack.

And when a pro knows their way around the squat rack, you know they know the value of staying injury-free too...aka using a weightlifting belt when moving heavy weights.

Neil Currey gunsmith fitness

Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Ok, we're stretching things a bit here. A pipedream so to speak.

But, we did create a custom Custom Belt for the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We've haven't gotten the thing in his hands at this point, but we know he'll love it once we do.

I mean, just look at this bad boy...

custom gunsmith fitness weightlifting belt

Use What the Pros Do!

Less hype, better results. If you're looking to get in better shape, stay injury-free, and look damn good doing so...

Well, our products and equipment here at Gunsmith Fitness can and will help you achieve your gym goals.

Just click here to check out our whole lineup.

As well, many fitness professionals and serious gym goers have been raving about one of our products for the past six months.

Seriously, we've never seen such great reviews and feedback from any other product.

Which one?

Our Bespoke Belt series.

If you're looking for a truly customizable gym belt made of world-class materials, then...

Just click here to check out these Custom Belts.

We're certain you'll never buy another "regular" weightlifting belt again once you've gone Custom.

That's the Gunsmith Guarantee.

Gunsmith weight lifting belt

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