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Article: Two Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Bench Blaster For Bench Press Exercises

Two Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Bench Blaster For Bench Press Exercises - Gunsmith Fitness

Two Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Bench Blaster For Bench Press Exercises

A bench press is an exercise that is commonly used for strengthening the upper body. It is used to tone and build muscles in your arms, shoulders, and pectorals. This makes bench presses an ideal exercise for people looking to build their upper muscles. However, there are a plethora of ways that this exercise can go wrong.

One pressing problem to this exercise is your elbows flaring. When your elbows flare, it is 90 degrees out at the bottom of your bench press. This will cause damage to your shoulder. Every time you lower the bar your rotator cuff tendons will be squeezed against your acromioclavicular joints, commonly known as AC joints, by the top of your upper arm bone.

What experts say as the solution to this is by doing half bench presses. But when doing half bench presses, it emphasizes the triceps. This means that the bench press is less effective in building up your chest. However, you should worry no more as our Bench Blasters will be your best friend. Here are 2 compelling reasons why you need the Bench Blaster for your next bench press.

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Elbow Protection

When doing bench press, your upper arms must not be in a perpendicular position to your torso and your elbows must avoid touching your torso as well. The Bench Blaster ensures you keep the elbows tucked, the lats tight, and shoulders in a good position. When lifting the bar, the Bench Blaster will help tuck your elbows. It will also help you tuck your elbows 75 degrees when lowering the bar. This will make sure that the bench press will be pain-free.

If you plan on doing bench presses more frequently, the Bench Blaster will help ensure that you do not apply too much stress to your joints. This is extremely important as when you increase the frequency of your exercise, there is a higher propensity for you to incur injuries. However, if you use Bench Blaster, it mitigates the chances of getting injuries at the same time increasing your strength.

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Overloading Safety

Using the Bench Blaster will be the best decision you will ever make when overloading. It helps you lift more weight for the same number or even more reps. This is important as it amplifies your training volume as time progresses. It increases your bench press frequency safely. A study conducted by Niblock & Steele (2017) has shown that using this tool in training will give people greater performance when doing bench presses.

With the Bench Blaster, overloading is much safer as it creates a “spring” off the chest effect. This means that you gain more confidence to increase the amount of weight that you are using for 10-20%, similar to how it worked for other weightlifters. However, you must have a spotter present when you have just started increasing the weights you normally lift. This will make sure that someone is there to help you out when you require assistance.


Our Bench Blasters are an effective tool for protecting your elbows and overloading. This innovation will give more assurance to your safety when you are doing bench presses. In addition they are available in 3 strengths depending on how much you can lift. Reflex for beginners, Original for regular gym bro's and Extreme for those lifting big numbers!

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