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Article: How to Improve Your Bench Press - What's the Best Accessory?

How to Improve Your Bench Press - What's the Best Accessory? - Gunsmith Fitness

How to Improve Your Bench Press - What's the Best Accessory?

I was stuck. Plateaued. It’d been months of busting my ass on the bench press sessions, and I hadn’t seen any improvement. How to help your bench press and increase it? I had no clue. I couldn't even add on the 1 kg plates. It was depressing. I tried everything be it powerlifting, pulling exercise, benching, shoulder blades and dumbbell press to build a bigger physique. 

I upped the pre-workout dosage and other supplements along with shoulder exercises but I still couldn’t get past and see improvement with muscle group. I started researching online. Article after article with generic B.S. destined to get page views - not to help people increase their flat barbell bench press.
To make matters worse, I plateaued at 130 kg. Not 140 kg. No three plates on each side. Nope, just a few limp wristed attempts where my spotter nearly gave himself a hernia trying to rack my weight after I got impatient performing the bench press.

Luckily, I figured things got. I found out how to increase my bench press is probably by movement pattern. And guess what? It only took one simple step to do it. No extensive research. No six-month programs designed to rape your rotator cuff muscle. Just one thing. One simple tool...

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Now, before I dive into increasing your bench press with one simple step, let’s find out why it matters to prioritize the bench press and improve your strength. Does your standard bench press matter in the grand scheme of things? Well, no. Not really. 

So, why do we worry so much about it? Well, that’s simple. The bench press is the number one upper body lift for males from all over the world. We use the heavy weight bench press to measure upper body and especially delts strength and power. There’s no other upper body lift that can compete.

You can argue about this all you want, but the proof is in the pudding. Go to any gym in any city around the world on a Monday evening. Everybody will be doing bench press training to build muscle and upper back strength. It can also be said that Monday is merely termed as bench day.

Monday is international chest day for a reason, and the bench press is the number one chest lift around. When guys talk about their strength and lifts, the bench press is the first number that comes up.

Nice, man. So, what do you bench? Gym bros ask each other this question all over because the bench press is the ultimate dick measuring contest in the gym. And nobody wants to come up short. I certainly didn’t.

Plus, a big bench press is masculine and helps to achieve better chest muscles. Point. Blank. Period. If you can bench a lot of weight in a controlled manner, you will look like a superstar with your muscle growth. There’s no doubt about it.

Athlete in the gym wearing the original bench blaster


Now that we know the “why” of the bench press equation let’s look at how to increase bench press strength. Remember my state? All my whining at the start of the article? Yeah, I finally toppled it, and my dumbbell bench press skyrocketed.

I was hitting 140 kg for three rep range almost instantly and I still had some gas in the tank. All it took was using this one quick trick and stable base to press. One simple step and my bench went through the roof pushing the bar for everyone. What was it?

I started incorporating a Bench Blaster into my training. That’s it. See, I’d been training my chest in the bench press twice a week for years. I’d done high reps, low reps, focusing on one lift, adding a half-dozen chest exercises for improving my routine, and everything in between. Nothing had worked for me to get needed grip on the bar.

Why? Because I had reached a level of strength that I “naturally” couldn’t get past. I was firmly plateaued. I needed a little boost to build strength that bench press involves. I needed my body to get used to the heavier weight for incline press, but I couldn’t lift it alone even with warm-up.


The Bench Blaster allowed me to overload weight in a safe manner. The device creates a slight “spring” off the chest. This extra push allows lifters to add 10-20% to their bench press when training with it on.

I was stuck on 130 kg, and then I started training with the Bench Blaster. The first attempt I went a little lighter to get the hang of the thing. Hence, I decided to add 5 pounds and it felt good with a nice pop of the chest. After that it was plain sailing and I finally smashed 140 kg in range of motion.

Athlete wearing the original bench blaster

With the Bench Blaster on, I hit three reps of strong bench press numbers like it was nothing. 

I was pumped. Sure, it wasn’t official. It didn’t count, but using the Bench Blaster showed me that I could lift weights. I started to believe.

I kept using the device for a little over two months. Adding weight with regular sets and reps each week. By the end of the second month, I could bench 150 kg for two reps with the blaster and resistance band on stable base. It was time to see if my improvement was real. Did the Bench Blaster add weight to my max? Did I truly increase my bench press along with deltoid muscle and strength?

I warmed up and quickly got to my 130 kg old max. The moment of truth was here. I added the 1 kg plates for an even 132 kg. Could I do it? Hell yeah! I hit two easy reps before racking without the help of my spotter.

I wasn’t done just yet with bench press workouts. I quickly worked my way up to 140 kg. The weights were feeling light. The allure of hitting three plates clouded my mind. I wanted it to show results on the muscles involved in bench press routine.

Individual at the gym utilising our Gunsmith Bench Blaster, a supportive training accessory worn around the arms, enhancing stability and form during weightlifting exercises on a bench.

I slide under that bar, three plates on each side. Gym bunnies looked on. My gym buddy helped me get off the rack and there I was. Holding 140 kg above my chest. The moment of truth had arrived.

I slowly controlled the weight down to my chest. My form was tight with elbows tucked in and all that good stuff with triceps. I press the bar on my chest and pushed like my life depended on it. I grunted. A hernia be damned. I couldn’t care less.

Slowly but surely that 140 kg made its way right back up. One perfect rep completed with no assistance. I still felt good. So I slowly moved the weight down to my chest, again. My full body was shaking during floor press, but it didn’t matter.

One final push. The bar moved a bit upwards, and then stopped. A third of the way up. My boy began reaching down to help me up and give one arm support. Fuck you! Don’t you dare touch my bar path. That was the extra motivation I needed. That extra push.

The bar started going up, again. My spotter backed off. All the way up. I did it. Two reps complete. No help. I racked the bar and popped off the improving bench like a savage. Success!

I had done it. I added 10 kg to my two-rep bench press volume max within two months. How? I got comfortable using heavier weight through using the traditional Bench Blaster.

Athletes standing around another person that is showcasing a Gunsmith Fitness Bench Blaster.


You can, too. If you’re struggling to push past bench overhead press state check out the incline Bench Blaster. The strength you gain with chest exercise to improve the time you bench can be helpful in the long run.

Newbies needn’t use these devices to train the bench press until your newbie gains have maxed out. For lifters who have been in the gym for a year or three, I couldn’t recommend the Bench Blaster enough when you’re struggling to get over the hump on your bench press max.

Now, I may be a little biased, but I used the Bench Blaster Original. I know our products work to increase your bench press max and I couldn’t recommend this one enough.

If you’re trying to hit four-plates on each side, check out the Bench Blaster Extreme. It's double ply so gives an insane bar off your chest. Newbies looking to add a little weight to their bench press movement should consider trying the Bench Blaster Reflex first.

Want to Build a Bigger Physique With Best Accessory Exercise?

How to increase bench press? Buy a Bench Blaster and get to work front raise, shoulder joint and back exercises to improve strength. That’s it. Nothing complex about it. This device will help you bust through a bench press sticking point. Click here to get yours bench press offers today!

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