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Article: What You Should Know About Gym Apparel

What You Should Know About Gym Apparel - Gunsmith Fitness

What You Should Know About Gym Apparel

Going to the gym can be an intimidating experience. We get so self-conscious about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and that most certainly includes what we’re wearing – and don’t get us wrong, it’s not only about looking good, but being comfortable and safe too.

So if you’re only starting your fitness journey and you’re worried about all the different gym apparel and gear, well, worry no more because we’ve got you covered!


While it might be tempting to grab that old cotton shirt, cotton absorbs a lot of sweat so you’ll be stuck with a heavy wet shirt that will quickly get cold once you’re done exercising. Cotton is very breathable, and that’s great – but there are other breathable fabrics out there that are more suitable for working out such as bamboo. It’s sweat-wicking, light, and even more breathable than cotton!



Gunsmith fitness oversized t shirt


Sports bras: it’s essential that you choose one that gives you a lot of support. It should be the right size and fit you snugly while not constricting your range of motion (meaning, not a regular bra). Pick one that’s made from breathable material but doesn’t retain as much moisture as 100% cotton does, like lycra or a blend of cotton and lycra mesh.


Hoodies for the gym I hear you say? Why not, maybe it's cold, maybe you want to cover up, but most important the hoody should be comfortable.

Our Apex hoodies are the epitome of comfort, oversized and made from super soft cotton. You wont want to take it off!

Gunsmith fitness hoody



Wear something that lets you do all kinds of exercises comfortably, and yes, that means testing it out before you leave the house. Something flexible with an elastic waistband would be more comfortable, and do a couple of exercise moves that would let you see if it tears or rips, or if it rides up too high or down when you’re bending over.

For both your top and bottom, it’s a good idea to wear form-fitting clothes – the less baggy they are, the less risk there is in it getting caught in a machine.


Same with your old shirt, you might be tempted to use your old sneakers. But old shoes provide less cushion and shock absorption the older they are, so it would be a great idea to invest in shoes that will allow you to exercise comfortably and safely. If you’ll be doing a lot of cardio exercises or a lot of training weights, shoes with a lot of ankle and arch support would be a great idea and you’ll get that from good quality running or cross training shoes.

Make sure to wear comfortable socks that don’t retain a lot of moisture such as socks made from acrylic (or acrylic blend) or polyester. There are some performance socks out there that even come with reinforced toe and heel areas to make them extra durable for long hours in the gym.


It’s less important that you look good than it is that you’re actually going to the gym! But remember, if you look good, you feel good too – and wearing the right clothes and supporting gym gear.

Our Apex range of oversized T shirts and hoodies are now live. They are perfect for gym and everyday wear. Check them out!

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