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Article: Proper Weightlifting Protection and When to Use

Proper Weightlifting Protection and When to Use - Gunsmith Fitness

Proper Weightlifting Protection and When to Use

Compared to other forms of physical activities, weightlifting does not require much equipment.

It is just you and your heavyweights. However, if you are down for some serious business, wearing weightlifting accessories might be a great idea for you. Aside from helping you lift heavier weights, these also guard your form. Guaranteeing your safety by dismissing the possibilities of injuries, weightlifting accessories allow you to enjoy worry-free workouts. These will help you make the most of your routine. Hence, take your training to the next level!
To get you started, let us walk you through our 5 recommended protective weightlifting accessories.

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1. Weightlifting Belts

The weightlifting belt provides protection and less stress to the back and spine, especially during power lifts. It helps stabilize the form during workouts as it reduces the pressure from the lower back when doing squats and deadlifts. Plus, it maintains pressure to the core, which helps one to properly breathe when carrying heavier weights. Hence, when wearing a weightlifting belt, make sure to wrap this not around your hips but your abdomen. Gunsmith Fitness makes some of the best belts in the business. Whether it's custom or premade, we have you covered

gunsmith weightlifting belts

2. Weightlifting Gloves

Preventing the bar from slipping off one's hands, a pair of weightlifting gloves allows one to have a better and safer grip. Plus, this prevents moisture as well as shields the hands from callouses and potential skin injuries. You can use weightlifting gloves during any lifting activity.

Gunsmith weightlifting gloves

3. Wrist Wraps

It can be easy for the wrist to get overextended or get in the wrong shape when lifting weights, especially overhead. Fortunately, wrist wraps exist. These are like a weightlifting belt, but for the wrists. These do not only provide protection but also give extra support and stability to the joints that connect the hand to the wrist. Hence, optimize your heavy, overhead lifts by utilizing these. When using wraps, make sure that it targets the right area without it being tied too low or high from either the hand or the wrist. Check out our range, we offer numerous lengths and colours

arctic camo wrist wraps

4. Knee Sleeves / Knee Wraps

Another critical part of the body when doing weights is the knee. Hence, it is crucial to maintain stability in this area when squatting. Knee supports can help you with this. These aid in lifting heavier weights--all while eliminating the risk of injuries. You can choose between knee wraps and knee sleeves.
Aside from reducing stress on your tendons, knee wraps aid in lifting heavier and faster squats. The tightness of the wrap during the downward phase of the squat makes it possible to store great elastic energy, which is released during the upwards phase. What a boost, right? Knee sleeves, on the other hand, render valuable compression, which results in increased blood flow. These keep your knee joints warm as well as lessen pain and swelling if ever there is any. Furthermore, knee sleeves reduce shakiness, which can make you feel more confident with every movement! We stock a range of colours and designs in both wraps and sleeves.

gunsmith knee wraps

5. Elbow Wraps / Elbow Sleeves

The difference between elbow sleeves and elbow wraps is the design. The former are one-piece while the latter is not. Nevertheless, both gym accessories serve the same function: to allow compression and warmth in the elbow area during workouts. Consequently, this provides stability. Plus, this is said to enhance blood circulation. Protecting your elbows from injuries, both elbow accessories give you a boost in comfort, confidence, and performance, especially during bench presses. We do a range of both, check them out.

gunsmith fitness elbow wraps

Looking for high-quality gym protective accessories? We got you! At Gunsmith Fitness, we make high-quality products that offer exceptional comfort and protection. Not only will these support you when hitting your personal bests, but these also allow you to achieve progress with more consistency! Check out our shop to get yours now.

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