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Weightlifting Knee Sleeves

Unrivaled support and stability with our Gunsmith Fitness knee sleeves. If you're into powerlifting, bodybuilding, olympic lifting or CrossFit. Our knee sleeves provide unparalleled support for your workout.

If you're looking for support for your leg day workouts or need relief from joint pain or discomfort. Our knee sleeves are just what you need. Available in 7mm and 9mm in a number of colourways

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Extreme Knee Compression Sleeves - Gunsmith FitnessExtreme Knee Compression Sleeves - Gunsmith Fitness
Camo Knee Sleeves - Gunsmith FitnessCamo Knee Sleeves - Gunsmith Fitness
Camo Knee Sleeves Sale price£29.99
Apex 9mm Compression Knee Sleeves - Gunsmith FitnessApex 9mm Compression Knee Sleeves - Gunsmith Fitness
Apex 9mm Compression Knee Sleeves Sale priceFrom £34.99

What Are Knee Sleeves? 

Made from premium neopreme and available in 7mm to 9mm. Our compression knee sleeves offer warmth and stability during your heavy lifts. The heat from wearing the sleeves assists in promoting blood flow to the knee area and improves mobility. 

How To Choose The Right Knee Sleeves

Ensure you invest in a quality pair of sleeves. If you are doing competitions where IPF approved sleeves are needed, you'll need to ensure your sleeves are compliant. Look for a pair that come with a guarantee and follow the sizing chart so you get the correct fit.

Knee Sleeves FAQ's