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Apex 4 Inch Black Olympic Belt

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Puff of joy

this is superb in every way you need and want it to be . such a good strong make quality on both the belt and buckle. it fits like a dream and is comfortable to wear for sure. love how much support it gives and looks pretty damn fine too. i have had many admiring compliments on this belt and can honestly say its now my go to belt.

Very impressed

Gunsmith Fitness Lifting belt is very impressive. It’s a well made heavy duty leather belt.

This belt has a big substantial 2 eyelet buckle and 2 belt loops. It also has a nice padded back making it really comfortable.

When using in the gym it gave my partner loads of confidence to dead lift heavier weights.

Would definitely recommend to gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike.

Top quality belt

Gunsmith Fitness Apex Lifting Belt - Ultra Premium Handmade, All Black Olympic & Powerlifting

The belt I received was size XL, Olympic 6/7mm Double Prong. The Double Prong refers to the 2 pins in the buckle used to tighten the belt through a row of double adjustment holes in the belt. The 6/7mm refers to the thickness of the belt. I currently have a 10mm belt, although very strong and supportive, I do find 10mm a little too stiff for me.

I'm impressed by the strength and quality of this belt. The belt is made from what looks like high quality black leather which has been stitched fully around the outside edge. There is a long soft padded area where this sits on the back, making the belt very comfortable to wear.

The metal buckle is big and tough, there is absolutely no way that it's going to bend or fail. The buckle is secured to the belt by way of the belt being folded back on itself and secured by 4 very large rivets which again are very strong indeed. There are 2 large belt loops for taking up the excess belt once fastened, these again are riveted together for strength.

I am highly impressed by the strength and quality of this belt, it's comfortable to wear giving good support. In my opinion this is a high end belt at an affordable price - Recommended!

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you have found it helpful.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality, a real sturdy belt.

Courtnie Devlin
Quality material

Good quality material I’ve had this for a while now and no signs of braking