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Ballistic Grip Rings

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Training Aid

I use these rings to compliment my other various hand grippers for hand strength training but the rings are my favourites; they feel great in the hand and I think they are better than grippers for improving pinch strength (pinched grippers want to fly out of my hands).Their weights are labelled 30,40,60,70 and 80 lbs. 80lbs is not very heavy for people with strong hands so I'd like to see Gunsmith offer a heavier set. For some reason I find closing the black coloured 80lbs a bit easier than the dark grey 70lbs! Perhaps the black is absorbing more heat radiation and is hence warmer and more pliable than the lighter coloured grey..? Or perhaps I'm imaging the difference but in any case it's not an issue. I'd definitely purchase again and would highly recommend to others.Feelfeel great in the handare so tactile and comfortableStrangely I find the

peter flemingAmazon_customer
Invaluable Hand Strength Builder

Great product! Silent in use - no squeaky noises that 'hand grippers' make. Not easy either and these increase your "pinch-grip" by taking your thumb strength to new levels.

linda edsonAmazon_customer
Five Stars

Boyfriend loves them.

Andrew MeaderAmazon_customer
A fantastic physio and workout tool.

These are a great product: they look nice and feel good to use.I bought these rings to help rehabilitate my hand after an accident. They are slightly larger in diameter than a tennis ball and feel well suited to physio work on all four fingers and thumb (I guess I have averaged sized man hands),. The doughnut shape allows for a good variety of techniques. My hand physiotherapist is impressed with them himself.I mentioned that I’m an average man. For my damaged hand the lowest resistance ring, 30lb, is enough, while for my stronger right hand the 40lb and 60lb rings are perfect. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be strong enough to ever use the 80lb ring. I imagine the set of five give a wide enough range to suit all but both extremes-of-strength adults, for physio and strength workout purposes. I fail to see however, how they can reasonably be used with fingers inside the hole; there is to little room, and way too much resistance.

Mr M.Amazon_customer
Five Stars

Really good quality products, great price, it's just disappointing to realise how weak my grip currently is :-/