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Extreme Bench Blaster

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Extreme Bench Blaster - size large

Very happy with the above product, a friend had one and whilst his was an XXL - it still made an impact on my lifts - easy 105KG bench.
I compete in Masters Section of Powerlifting with a body weight 74-79KG, so went for large size based on body weight, my biceps are 38 and 37cm relaxed.
I went for the Extreme to assist me on my bigger bench sessions
First try out session was Tuesday this week - (I ordered it on Sunday - 2 day delivery turnaround - just excellent!)
I warmed out appropriately and whilst training solo - completed 4 sets of 90 for 5 reps, 1 set of 95 KG for 5 reps and a final set of 3 for 95kg.
I followed this with 3 sets of 15 reps of dips wearing the bench blaster is important to say I do not incorporate dips into my routines due to an elbow injury getting aggravated, no elbow pain at all wearing blaster.
Then finished with incline bench - and a final single lift of 101kg - a PB.
To act as a gauge - a British/European qualifying lift on bench press is 100kg in the (55-59 age grp @ 75kg weight category) so this bit of kit is certainly going to assist my training.
Highly recommend - as Gunsmith are a high quality provider.
I've worn a Gunsmith powerlifting belt since 2019 - everyone asks to use it's a cut above the rest.
Purchased Bench Blaster via Paypal on 18th Feb 2024 received on 20th February 24.
Yours Mike Cox

Rick Moss
Great piece of equipment

I've had this a few months now, well worth the money. I genuinely belive this has helped me up my bench press from 95kg to 110kg.

Buy it now for increased strength and 1 rep max

Amazing results, make the usual weight feel much less, 180kg went up really fast

I must buy for improving bench !!

Massive thumbs to this product , working with gunsmithfitness and they have give me some amazing equipment and this is one of them . bench blaster is fantastic and important kit for improved bench , normally do 120kg to 140kg and now that's improved to 160kg for reps . Definitely a product for the gym bag and the qaulity is spot on and no way can I fault this product it is perfect for beginners and extreme lifters .

faraad ayubAmazon_customer
Five Stars

Fantastic this product has increased my bench press a lot!!!!