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Bench Blaster Original

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A worthwhile addtion to the gym gear.

This really does deliver a 10 to 20% increase in bench press for maximum singles or reps depending on one's level of experience. I have more than a quarter of a century of gym time and my training partner just a few years and both got increases in lifting weight on the first use of the blaster. It's of good quality and, for those of us not competing in power lifting, a viable alternative to a suit.
The trick now will be translating the assistance of the bench blaster to real gains in strength but that's where the right training regime comes in!

Great item to assist you, not for cheating

- Helps you work with heavier weight, not too much more though from my own experience thus far
- keeps you tucked and in good form - perfect for my poor left shoulder, this will lead to a consistent form pattern and potential shoulder recovery
- great for volume for drop sets and burning out as you can do a lot more reps
- can be used on other exercises such as any bench movements, incline, decline, Dumbbell or Barbell
- can be used on dips and so on, be creative

Thats all I have to say for now in terms of pros, train smart with it, do not always use it and do not cheat with it, I have two chest sessions per week in which I am planning to use it for one of them.

- Don't really have much to say bar the sizing is a bit iffy, I ordered a medium and I think its perfect, there is no size guide from what I can see so I had to make a guess based on my body.

,David Coutts
Good for protecting injured shoulders.

I've suffered from rotator cuff impingement for over a year. I got sick of benching with dumbbells and, after doing some research on Mark Bell's Slingshot, decided to give Bench Blaster a try. I originally bought the Reflex, but I found that XXLarge was too loose. Also, I wanted more support, so I bought the Bench Blaster in XLarge.

I found it made a difference in terms of comfort when Benching. It took some of the strain off my shoulders. I can't speak for it's ability to overload, since I'm using sub-maximal weights at the moment. But even with those, there is a noticable difference between Benching the same weight raw and wearing the Blaster.

If you have shoulder problems like me, you could do worse than try the Blaster before giving up Bench.

Good piece of kit if youre serious about lifting

I have been training for some years and have typically had a good bench. I recently got involved in powerlifting and am training to compete.
Since upping my weight and training considerably differently from how I had trained in the past (overloading) my shoulders have been really giving me trouble and preventing me from making progress.
The bench blaster really assists my form and keeps my elbows tucked throughout the lift which keeps me injury free.

Good piece of kit to add to your workout collection

,Al Dreyer
Great Item

Bought this to help with a torn rotator cuff. Really helps to keep your shoulders tight and holds those arms in to stop them splaying out to wide, the cause of the tear due to overstretching!

Would highly recommend.