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Article: Common Work Out Wrist Injuries Prevented by Wrist Wraps Use

Common Work Out Wrist Injuries Prevented by Wrist Wraps Use - Gunsmith Fitness

Common Work Out Wrist Injuries Prevented by Wrist Wraps Use

How to prevent injuries with wrist wraps

Our wrists, some of our most in-demand body parts, make our day-to-day activities possible by aiding us in gripping and lifting objects. Simple as that!

The need arises when we engage in extreme forms of physical activities such as heavy workouts. Regardless of whether it is for weightlifting or calisthenics, our wrists must perform with adequate strength, flexibility, and mobility. So, make sure to take care and do not overextend yours to their limits. You would not want them to reach over fatigue. Now, you might be wondering how you will engage in high-intensity workouts without exhausting your wrists. Worry not! For wrist wraps are made available for you.

Gunsmith Fitness wrist wraps

Wrist wraps give your wrist area extra support. These enhance grip and increase pressure, making sure you can confidently lift heavy loads with an adequate amount of strength such as in bench and shoulder presses as well as in bicep curls. Plus, these provide stability, making sure your wrists are in a neutral position and do not bend where these should not be. Hence, these allow longer holds and more repetitions—abilities you need to cultivate in order to reach your personal and professional bests! It does not end there. Not only do wraps enhance your performance, but these also keep your wrists from potential injury.

Below is a list of wrist injuries and conditions that can be prevented by the use of wrist wraps:

  1. Wrist Sprain
    Wrist Sprain occurs when the ligaments that connect the hand and wrist stretch too far from their limits, or worse, tear. This happens when the wrist bends backward after being hit or knocked on a hard surface. Twisting and exerting too much pressure are common causes. This condition leads to pain, swelling, weakness, and loss of motion.

  2. Wrist Arthritis
    This condition arises when the cartilage of the wrist joint becomes worn away due to injury and instability. This leads to joint stiffness and swelling, causing pain and difficulty grasping objects.

  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a form of repetitive motion disorder (RMD) that occurs when the median nerve in the wrist becomes compressed due to extreme pressure. Repetitive hand and wrist movements as well as extreme flexion/extension of these body parts for long periods are common causes, too. This condition leads to numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and arm, making it difficult to hold items.

  4. Wrist Tendonitis
    This condition implies inflammation of the tendons in the wrist area. This happens when the tendon rubs against a bone due to sprain or repetitive movements. Wrist Tendonitis causes only sharp pain, but not to the point of mild disability brought about by the conditions formerly mentioned.

  5. Wrist Fracture
    Wrist fracture implies breaks or cracks in any of the wrist bones. Common causes include falling onto an outstretched hand, leading to pain and swelling, and in extreme cases, deformity.

You would not want to experience any of these painful conditions and be kept away from the gym, disturbing your workout schedule and delaying your progress.

Gunsmith Fitness camo wraps

Gunsmith Fitness offers a range of premium wrist wraps that ensure protection to your wrist as well as to your hands and forearms. Whether for deadlifts or calisthenics, wearing a pair will surely make the work easier and more enjoyable for you. Giving you security that leads to confidence, these allow a seamless workout, making themselves your next favorite gym accessories!

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